Nintendo 3DS accessories and games recommendations


The DS carts…they so little…


Not as tiny as Vita carts though. I lost Uncharted out of the carrying case and didn’t even notice.


That’s true, I only ever have owned one Vita cart though, so tiny, kinda nervous to get others for the reason you described.


I was swapping the memory card in my Vita the other day and fumbled it. Caught the vita before it hit the ground, but the memory card went flying and didn’t make a sound. Took me 45 minutes to find it, at the bottom of my pencil cup on my desk.


Ghost Trick is really wonderful, I need to replay it sometime. Games similar to Ghost Trick are what defined the DS for me. If you dig it then I heartily recommend the Ace Attorney series, Hotel Dusk, and my personal favorite 999: 9 Persons, 9 Hours, 9 Doors. I’m currently playing Last Window which is the sequel to Hotel Dusk. It’s been really good although since the game takes place in 1980 every time money is mentioned I can’t help but calculate for inflation. The beef stew in the cafe comes out to $22, must be damn good!


Haha. I “finished” Super Mario 3D Land. There may be too much game in this game.


Many, many people have recommended it to me, so I’m excited about it. :)

Ohhh, does that mean it has a lot of content?


Yup. Lots.


I’d curse Iwata for region locks again, but it’s probably too soon - so I’ll curse you instead. You son of a bitch. :)


Ohhh, added to the list! Thanks!

Wait, what?


We don’t get Etrian Mystery Dungeon until September, so I’m jealous.


Oh, it’s that new?! I had no idea!


Yeah, you guys got it a couple of months ago. We always have to wait for localisation to a bunch of European languages, since we are in the EU ‘region’. Most of which aren’t spoken with any regularity in Australia.


How the hell is Australia anywhere near Europe in anyone’s mind?


Former British colony.


Ghost Trick is really wonderful, I need to replay it sometime.

You can get it on iOS.


Former British colony.

It was also historically a PAL territory.



I don’t care how good or bad it is, it’s $5 on ebay and it’s mine. ALL FREAKING MINE.


Supposedly it’s pretty bad. A weak implementation of the Starfleet Command series. However, I’ve always been curious about it myself, so thanks for taking one for the team!


Is a space game, 'nuff said.