Nintendo Switch

Not super much, but they were into Pokemon Go before we got the games.

And it’s not that they didn’t play them - they did. They just didn’t stay with it for long. If I were to hazard a guess, I suspect it’s the “grind” that got them (seeing as I’ve never finished either game either - although I’ve done a lot - I can’t blame them).

I have no idea what this is!

This is the one we have. There are others, but my kids love it.

Labo was, IIRC, recently discontinued, so get it while you can.

The new Game Builder Garage seems like the spiritual successor.

My 8-yr old daughter played for a few hours tonight and loved it!

Very much this. Its super slick and saved/cost me a ton.

DekuDeals has a feature where they list the total cost of buying your wishlist right now, and the total cost spent on games in your collection. They have brought Nintendo an alarming amount of business from me.

I guess I should dig out my DSi and finish Advance Wars…

No need, this is a remake.

Guys they’ll totally announce the switch pro any second now they’re just trying to weed out fake fans don’t worry it’s coming

Damn you.

Metroid Dread (2d Metroid ala Samus Returns) is probably the biggest news.


  • New Warioware
  • New Mario Party
  • SMT V trailer
  • Advance Wars remake
  • BOTW trailer (2022)

A pretty strong lineup.

We’re not going to get a Bayonetta 3, are we?

Is that Metroid game for the Switch? The 3DS is a dead system right? Samus’s shoulder pads are way too small. I assume there is an upgrade available to get properly huge shoulders.

New 2D Metroid is exactly what we need after the awfulness of the last 5 years. Thank you, Nintendo. Let’s get a proper Castlevania on the schedule now!

Yeah, everything for the Switch. The 3DS is dead.

It’s not dead in my heart though. I do need to finish Samus Returns.

I’ll never forget the original Advance Wars on the GBA! I sat down one night to finish the final battle…and then proceeded to play through the entire game again in one sitting. It was glorious.

Samus always starts off with small shoulders and get an upgrade later. Don’t worry.

Also, this is the first original 2D Metroid game in almost 20 years (since Metroid Fusion in 2002)! I’m already planning my schedule for the next few months:

  1. Zero Mission (remake of Metroid 1)
  2. Samus Returns (remake of Metroid 2)
  3. replay Super Metroid on the Switch?
  4. replay Metroid Fusion?

I’m in for Mario Golf.

I’m in for Super Monkey Ball if it has Monkey Target and no jump button.

And on the obscure side, I’m in for Art of Rally.