Nintendo Switch

Played the demo. The music & card art are good.

The rest, I dunno. The demo is a very simplistic tutorial with a lot of button mashing through the same instructions. And the card game within the card game was also nerfed to oblivion. Hope the actual card game has some thought involved.

The fisherman character who inspires lust wearing a speedo came out of nowhere. That was fun.

It reminds me a bit of Crimson Shroud, where the tabletop artifice is very front and center, but Crimson Shroud was very modest in scope. The combat felt a bit simplistic, I assume more deck management would be involved as the game went on? There wasn’t really any randomness to justify the deck metaphor.

It also feels a little like it was built as a mobile game and might have had a chapter/energy system at some point. The art, lovely though it is, contributes a bit to that vibe.

I’ll consider it, but I have so many deck builders and JRPGs available right now, I probably need more info before I decide if it’s worth the time.

Yeah, despite the card concept, the game itself plays almost exactly like a standard turn-based RPG. You get new card abilities, but from the demo you always start with the same hand on each character. I’d guess eventually randomness will come into play. With Yoko Taro involved I’m expecting the writing to be fun, though. I did kinda enjoy the investigation aspect you get a glimpse of. Lots of RPGs, as they’ve grown, have gotten away from needing to talk to all the NPCs, but hear you have to talk to people to identify the thief you are chasing.

The new OLED Switch has a few previews up, I noticed. This one caught my eye.

TLDR: Best feature for him was the new kickstand.

Suddenly I’m daydreaming again (with no evidence) that maybe i WILL use it this way.

Just realized I never posted here in this thread. Maybe just as well because we just dropped a big patch for the Switch version.

My colleagues and I at Vodeo Games have been working for the last couple years on BEAST BREAKER, a new game on the Switch (and PC)!

If you take Peggle, make the ball a mouse with a sword, turn up the tactics to 11, and make the pachinko levels into giant monsters that fight back at you---- then toss in looting and crafting of new weapon components a bit like Monster Hunter---- then fill the world with charming animal characters, each grappling in their own way with a worldwide catastrophe…

That might be one way to describe Beast Breaker.

Get it while it’s still on launch discount!

…And it’s very good too!

There’s a Qt3 thread here, in case anyone missed it:

Bit late to the party on the Nintendo Direct, but I thought it was fine overall. I was just very underwhelmed by the virtual console stuff. It’s absurd this is an add-on, given how anemic the existing selection is, and at least on the Megadrive side, the games are not that interesting to me, while the N64 stuff I’ve already replayed in most cases. It’s not surprising, the Megadrive games I want to see are basically never in these retro collections. Maybe the European selection is different but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Congrats. Watched a video and I’m trying to wrap my head around the crazy mashup. You guys definitely get points for going into a unique space.

It’s not quite my natural habitat but I picked this up on Epic and will give it a try soon(er or later)!

What games are you looking for from the Mega Drive? Those are some of the best games on the system, and a number of them are prohibitively expensive for most people as carts.

The ones that I have nostalgia for but are almost never on these retro collections (except in some cases for the most recent Mini), some for obvious reasons, others less so. Mid-90s Madden/NHL/NBA (including Jam), Desert and Jungle Strike, Road Rash, General Chaos, Megalomania, Devil Crash, Dune II, Castle of Illusion. A lot of the ones in the Nintendo list are good, but they’re mostly either already available to play a million different ways, or just ones I don’t have a lot of nostalgia for, like Contra. It’s a very Japanese oriented list, which is fine, but doesn’t do much for me because they just weren’t very big over here. Strider’s the only one I’m really tempted by.

Favorite Genesis games, hmm…

Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean machine of course. Sonic 3. Sonic Spinball. Aladdin. Mortal Kombat 3. Vectorman. Ballz. Clayfighter…2? Rampart, bizarrely enough. Star Control 1. Golden Axe 2. Earthworm Jim 2.

I had a weird collection of games, I think. Totally missed stuff like Gunstar Heroes, Shining Force, and Phantasy Star that others loved, and I hated Toejam & Earl (2 of course, I was bad at getting sequels without playing the original) for being way too hard.

I learned that Rampart on the Megadrive got a lot of hate, but we really loved playing it. We were clueless!

I think it’s just not a Ginger_Yellow oriented list. :) Castle of Illusion used to make some collections until Disney remade it. EA would have to pariticipate for most of the rest of that of course.

It’s not really a “Japanese oriented list” because those are some of the best selling games and best known high quality games that were released worldwide. For those who don’t know, here’s the list…

Castlevania Bloodlines
Contra: Hard Corps
Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
Ecco the Dolphin
Golden Axe
Gunstar Heroes
Phantasy Star IV
Shining Force
Shinobi III
Sonic 2
Streets of Rage 2

Unless you have $900 lying around, MUSHA isn’t going to be yours unless you are a ROM downloader.

I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I’m aware every single game is from a Japanese studio. And I’m not disputing their quality, or even their renown. But I am saying that some of them weren’t big in the UK - loads of Japanese games didn’t really make it to the UK until the 32 bit consoles. For instance, I know Shining Force is beloved and was pretty big globally, but apparently it sold 3,000 copies in the UK. I don’t remember M.U.S.H.A., Gunstar Heroes, Phantasy Star, or Ristar being particularly big here either. The ones that did do well here, and that I also have some nostalgia for - Ecco, Sonic, Streets of Rage - I don’t need to play on Switch because I’ve already replayed them (or got my fill of the style from SoR 4) recently.

Yeah, that’s all I’m saying really. It disappointed me, because pretty much every Mega Drive retro collection does. But it does mean there’s no chance I’m paying extra money for it.

NHL 94 is fantastic

Growing up in Chicago during peak Jordan days made this both a staple of my childhood, and a perplexing introduction into the world of personal brands

I still remember the password for the last level in Desert Strike for some ungodly reason

The chain!

Genesis Aladdin is superior to SNES Aladdin, it is known.

But the presence of Super Star Wars negates this handily though.

You also neglected Lion King, which was a fantastic game in its own right.

Indeed. Luckily it is on Game Pass/EA Play.

Ecco the Dolphin is a western developed game. Ed Anunziata and Appaloosa Interactive.

Mark Cerny (yes the PlayStation 4 and 5 architect) started Sonic 2 development at Sega Technical Institute. It ended up a collaboration, but is largely considered a western developed game. Much of its development is a mess, but ultimately it was the best of the bunch for most people.

Congrats, it looks awesome!

From the making games thread, I’m assuming you had a programming role? Unity?

Wish you massive success with it! :)

Nope, I’m one of the game directors/designers! I can’t really program in any meaningful sense. But, yes, the game was built in Unity!

And thanks for the kind words!