Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


My one major gripe about Perfect Team so far: For a game that’s a bunch of pretty spreadsheets, you’d expect better filtering options on the auction house.


Totally agree on that, its back and forth from the AH to search and compare.


Corey Seager seems pretty available as a lefty hitting SS with talent. I was pondering this strategy as soon as I saw the park factors. Wonder if PP gains make it make more sense with an extreme offense or defense stadium.

I am back to being happy with the weekend as my league seems to have been fixed and is back to playing games!


Seager is a good lefty SS option, but hes gold, would cost about 1300 around about. He is usually available in auction. in player search his variance is wide it seems from very good to subpar WAR.

Seems the AH is locked on searching the past half hour… lots of people searching!


Yeah, Seager is just a touch out of my price range right now. I’ve tried sniping him for right around 1,000, but always get topped on my bid at the end.


Someone up thread or maybe on discord said they are working on improving it. Apparently some performance issues need to be solved, but yeah it is annoying as hell to use.


Seager is a better L option than Didi G thats for sure (at least from the Didi I had). If you need Power he might be worth it, but you can get power for cheaper though elsewhere, much cheaper.


Well, without a ton of research, I figured his power in an intentionally juiced stadium for him would play very well. Dunno.


2 games up now, and 1 more before our series at my ballpark.

Whew. 3 games up with 3 games to go. He has to sweep me at home to stop me from taking the division.


My team is struggling now, just a 1 game lead for the 2nd wildcard as we head towards the end of the season. Hopefully they can hold everyone off so I can move up to silver.

… and now the lead is officially gone. Tied for the 2nd spot


My team wants me to be stressed until the final day. 2 games to go, magic # is 1.


Sonny Gray just threw a one-hit complete-game shutout against me. He gave up a walk and a HPB in the first and a single in the second, then was perfect all the way home. Sonny Gray!


OOTP WTH! I was down 2 games, now I’m tied for division with 2 games left. Seems ootp likes drama…jeez. It all hangs on Jameson Taillon and Mitch Keller.


Finally! Man, they wanted to take that down to the wire. Now for the playoffs tomorrow. Has to suck for that guy to come from 12 games back to just miss it. He is still going to the playoffs though, so will probably win the wildcard and then sweep me in the division series :)


I am still tied with argonauts, we both have 1 game left. more drama. thanks ootp. lets go Rockford Rowboats!

oh grats on the playoff berth!


Thanks, and my silver team managed to stay clear of relegation. Looks like I need to upgrade a couple pitchers when I next get some pp for them. Reggie Jackson hit 28 HR and 100 RBI for them. It looks like Sammy quit hitting home runs for my gold team and has been sitting at 30 for about a month. If he’d played in April he probably would be leading the league.

@mtkafka good luck with your final game!


Last game of the season coming up. I’m 1 game up in the wildcard but playing the team chasing me so it comes down to this game.


Dizzy Dean celebrated our winning the division by throwing a Maddox in the final game. 4 teams are tied for the 2nd wildcard spot and have to fight it out I guess.


AH well, lost the division, but made the 2nd WC. Actually I don’t want this team to go to silver… it needs some upgrading before advancing. Happy at least for 2 playoff berths!


Oh look, we lost. Now we go to a 1 game playoff for the chance to go to another 1 game playoff.