Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


My Silver team made it to 88-74, which was two games back from my division leaders but only good enough for third in the division, so we missed the playoffs.

Jordan Hicks had 51 saves and Starter Mark Langston threw 235Ks in 216 innings pitched, as we finished 1st in defensive efficiency and 2nd in runs allowed, but were then let down by our offence where our best performance was an OBP of .315, good for 12th in the conference.

My Gold team will also be in Silver next year, despite recovering from 48-78 to finish 69-93.

Micky Mantle’s bat died for most of the year before he hit .366 in September and my entire pitching rotation was terrible pretty much all year. Without winning games there was no influx of Perfect Points so there wasn’t too much to do about it. Hopefully they don’t all have a bad year next year too.


Joe Torre won the batting crown in Diamond for me, and David Ortiz had the most HR in our conference in Gold. So 400 pp for each of those.


I never did sell the Sale card I drew and he took the ERA title and led the Expats into the playoff. As a wildcard though since our horrible August and Sept took the team from first in the division to 8 games back. I’m not going to tank the playoffs but I’d like to stay in Bronze as I don’t feel the Expats are really ready to go up a level.

The Ultimates made the playoffs as division winners. The batting is a little suspect because I did too many incremental upgrades and not enough big jumps. If we can make it thought the playoffs it will be interesting to see how their bunch of silver players does at the silver level.


My Bronze and Silver teams have both gone from worst to first in the same season – horrendous spring, terrific summer and autumn. The Silver Red Stockings now have a 2-0 lead in the division series against the L.A. Dudes, who had 117 wins and the best record in baseball. The Bronze Red Sox have a 2-0 lead too. Hanging on every sim…


@Madmarcus I don’t think there is a ton of difference between bronze and silver. My team had 98 wins last season in bronze and the same amount this season in silver. The only change I made was add a diamond Christian Yelich which obviously helped but it’s not like he was worth 10 wins.


All four Divisional Series series in B223 are coming down to the fifth game. Tense.


My series is also going to game 5. I’m rolling with Larry Dierker and they are countering with Kevin Appier. Should be a low scoring game, hopefully my bullpen doesn’t blow it.

As predicted it was a pitching duel and I made the right choice going with Dierker as he pitched a gem to give the Kraken a 1-0 win in game 5 and said them to the S291 NLCS!


Just realized Dierker won 2 of the 3 games in that series and Rollie Fingers saved all 3 wins.


Congrats @pizzaddict and anyone else advancing. My team won the wildcard game but got swept in the next round of Gold. Still I’m pleased.


My division winning gold team once again lost in the first round. So I’ll be in Gold again next year. Hopefully, I’ll do better next year.


Well, the 111 win London Majors dominated us in the NLCS and we lost the series 4-1. The only pitcher to get a win for us was Larry Dierker. He went 3-0 in the playoffs and gave up 2 earned runs in 22 innings so that was pretty good. On the flip side, 20 game winner Patrick Corbin decided to not show up for the playoffs and went 0-3 and gave in 15 runs in those 3 games. Ouch!

I think I’m moving up to gold though where I’ll probably get clobbered and miss the playoffs for the first time until I can get more PP to make some upgrades.


Glad to hear lots of us have had a competitive season!

My Bronze team swept its League Championship Series but just now dropped Game 1 of the World Series.

My Silver team is about to play Game 7 of its League Championship Series. I hope I make it into the World Series! It would be great to be promoted to a Gold league.


So I added everyone here as friends and selected that option that we be grouped together. I guess we’ll find out in the morning if any of that works.


Very anecdotal but it looks like its slightly easier to earn PP from achievements in Bronze. It makes sense that Bronze has more teams that are bad. The top level of competition might even be about the same but a few more teams have been abandoned early without even created a good basic roster. Yes, its sort of cheap to want to grind out a few more PP but I don’t think that the Ultimates really have the talent to win in Silver nor the PP to improve greatly.

BTW, does anyone here have a good idea about training defense? From the OOTP forum it is clear that some people have figured out a fairly good formula for calculating what a player will train up to but I haven’t been able to find it. The Ultimates might be able to gain some get better if I can train McDougald to 3b and put a defensive whiz as SS.


The Argonauts got bounced out of the ALCS 4-2. Given the opponent was a team with a bunch of diamond players, I’m happy with that result. Looks like it’ll be Silver next year—I’m in the top four this season.


Made WC with one team, lost. Other Cubs only team won division but lost in Championship series to an almost complete diamond/gold team in bronze. Still was cool to see me take the series to game 6 though! Plus my Cubs only team actually had the best Defensive Efficiency ALL YEAR! Never expected that!


fwiw, after three seasons in Bronze, my 94 Aaron Judge’s best season is .235/.367/.433. Ugh. Back to the auction house with you.


My $5 team (the squad I invested $5 three seasons ago) just won its second World Series, 4 games to 1. They won at Bronze level and got promoted, got bounced in the first round in Silver and got promoted, got bounced in the LCS in Gold the first year and now in the second year in Gold, they won it all.

I suspected we might win the series when the boys went up against 100-perfect Dwight Gooden in Game 1 and beat him in a thriller.

Also, a player to watch out for: Bill Skowron. He’s a silver 74-overall guy. He has no speed, just above average defense at first, and he whiffs a LOT.

…but Moose’s 71 contact, 76 gap and 71 home run rates are terrific and make everything else forgivable, especially for a player who goes at 175-200 PP. In the Gold League I just completed, I had Paul Goldschmidt and Kiki Cuyler both just slumping like crazy all season. I wanted to put them up for auction, so grabbed Skowron on the cheap as a fill-in. He ended up as my regular DH in most spots, and slashed .305/.348/.492 with an .840 OPS in 524 at bats. 19 dingers. And he was facing mostly gold and diamond level pitching all year.

I can’t imagine he wouldn’t thrive in silver and bronze leagues.


Both my teams made it to the World Series! My Bronze team lost in 6 games.

My Silver team’s World Series was as close as it gets. Series tied at 3-3. Game 7 is played at our opponent’s stadium in Tallahassee. Jim Palmer started for them; Larry Dierker for us. Pitcher’s duel. We’re down 2-1, top of 9th. They bring in their closer, Will Smith. He gets the first two outs, so we’re down to our last out. J.D. Martinez takes a pitch for a ball and then hits the next one out of the park. Tie game!

So it’s tied, 2-2, bottom of the 9th. My closer, Sean Doolittle, has a 0.5 ERA in the postseason. The first hitter, Mike Trout, works the count to 3 and 1. He then hits a fastball out of the park for a walk-off homerun – and a World Series loss for my Boston Red Stockings.

Better luck next year! But at least I think both teams will be promoted. :)


What is best way to save stats for teams year? I know the reports option, but i was wondering what you guys did if anything? It just seems not right to lose all that data on Monday. And I need to copy Triggers teams, 2 championships already?!? Rocking and rolling!


I’ve had good success in Bronze so far with the Leftorium Neighborinos strategy, so his strategies work!