Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


My diamond team is sitting at 33-19 right now on the back on some decent pitching. My gold team is hanging out with @LockerK just below .500 and watching @KWhit tear up the league. :)


After getting kicked back to silver and then starting the season a little slow, the Seattle Kraken are now 2nd in the division and have the 1st wildcard spot.


All our silver teams are getting beat up… or are just .500. Cmon guys, we can do better!


Neither of my teams is helping the Qt3 overall effort! Unless it counts that I have to be giving some of you guys some wins.

The talent level in Silver seems to be much higher this year so I made a move on another bat. It means I don’t have a great defensive LF anymore but Acuna just wasn’t hitting for the Expats. The Ultimates are another story; I need to really look at their team and see if there is a clear cut improvement because a few little moves aren’t going to cut it.


Around .500 is good for the Argonauts, given that they were 8-16 earlier in the season.


Haha. Sorry. We’re definitely off to a good start.


Bought the game last night! Baltimore Bombers on the way! Was glad to see me pull Rick Dempsey as a catcher. Gave me at least one old Oriole on the team.


10 games in to the Gravvy experiment (perfect DH but he bumped Jesse Burkett into the outfield) and it seems to be working. The Expats are now bumping around .480 instead of looking like they are headed back to bronze. The Ultimates still look like they are headed to Bronze though.


Hey my all Cubs team is taking on the all Red Sox team! I swept them! So REALISTIC! lol. So streaky. The team is still under .500 though. My best starters are a D Martinez and Mike Soroka… silver cards (from all 3 teams). And some guy named Elmer Riddle-me-this, but he’s Gold. Mr Dierker not doing too good this season… ah he’ll pick it up i suppose.

also everytime i see that Alan WIggins Project team… gets me thinking of this song when i was a kid…


Thanks for the tips. With a heavy heart I auctioned off Steve Carlton - who’d been horrible (3-5 in 10 starts with a 6.54 ERA) for around 3500pp, then purchased Martinez for 550 pp and an 84 rated Keuchel for 1275 pp. I may later grab Hendricks, he’s not too pricey.

I’m just a game above .500 and pretty much out of contention, so I threw my new guys into the rotation to show the fans we’re still trying. Time for bed. Hopefully in the morning I will find we closed out June strong!


ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! Nothing realistic about it! (points to this year’s World Series results.)

Just kidding. Did you notice that crazy 15-inning game? You won 19-11. Yes, you won by EIGHT runs in a 15-inning game, by scoring 8 runs in the top of the 15th, lol. I went through every pitcher in my bullpen. My ace closer, Dennis Eckersley, blew our 9th inning lead by giving up a two-run homerun to Kris Bryant.

Also, I think it’s great fun when an all-Cubs team takes on an all-Sox team. The box score actually sorta kinda looks like a real ballgame, lol.


Not working out as I’d hoped.



Just let it run the rest of year. The Keuchel you have is the ‘lower’ version. The upper version is the one I was reccomending. I will bet you Dennis Martinez in the long run will be a net positive. I would have kept Carlton…if anything just look at all the starters on the best teams in your league… get the pitchers they have you can afford!

this is an example of top starters that are below gold (Silver or less) in the silver league i am in now with over 2 WAR as SP


Its kind of an odds game. Thing is certain silver pitchers can and will do ok above silver up to even diamond. If I could search your league i would bet certain silver are still being used, but probably not as much as in the current qt3 silver league.

Sad Sam Jones, Soroka and Keller I see common as well as Flaherty. Again, mileage will vary. Its not a guarantee for any players… I’ve seen some Sale. DeGrom. Syndegaards do terrible, but I wouldn’t sell them unless I was REALLY competing to win at the highest level… I’m more interested in finding diamonds in rough… but I think at this point of the game, alot of the diamonds are actually found… ie Martinez.


Yup, agree on all counts. I cut bait on the lower Keuchel and sold him off for what I paid. Denny, I’m keeping, but he’s still struggling. Thanks for the suggestions!


I’m hoping in the next OOTP we can do custom leagues with cards limited. I would PAY for a league where we can trade and are limited to one card per league. It would be more fun than seeing everybody eventually have the same variations of 50-60% of players. It gets tiresome to see Trout and Betts always leading in Silver and below… its like really? Theyre good players, but come on, some of the names they’re up against makes it seem ah well its just how ootp works the numbers.


They are going to have tournaments that as I understand it will conisist of leagues with card limitations.

I don’t see trading ever being a thing because it would be too easy to exploit.

I don’t know how you limit 1 card per league. How do you decide who gets to use their Larry Dierker? Also, makes sense Trout dominates every league, I don’t like the Angels but he is arguably the best player we have seen in a long long time and if he stays healthy and ages normally may end up being the best player ever.


Trout being the best player ever? Thats a whole other discussion, and I don’t doubt that he’s ‘great’ like WAR n all, but compared to greats like Ruth, Aaron and even Bonds… I would not even put him there yet. Also this generation is allowed to K over 100 like its not a problem… pre 2k this was a MAJOR sin. The main issue was seeing the same player dominating every season, not Trout being great or not.

Also, I am talking custom leagues, nothing to deter from the official PT mode I do understand they want to keep the cards in PT separate for the sake of making money, but I’d like the option of cards in a separate mode, and also a model for trade instead of bidding. I dont know HOW it would work, but it would be fun to join a league where you can make your own setup based on the card rosters. It has more permanence by limiting specifc cards to one per leauge and also would allow for less than stellar players being useful.instead of just stocking up Diamond and Perfect.

Anyways, I am already happy with PT as is. I’ve been addicted to it for more than a month, which is not usual for me with any game. I am kind of imaging a league system that is on par with Yahoo Baseball when I played it during the season a decade ago… do they still do that? just with ootp.

Actually what I really want is kind of a diffrent game altogether. Basically a draft system league, like in the sp mode, but online with real people and maybe AI if you have less than enough ppl. etc etc


So a normal OOTP online league? That sounds like what you are describing.


Just spent the PP I’d been saving the last couple seasons to pick up Lou Gherig. I’m hoping he can add a little spark to my offense that has been struggling to score runs in gold last season and silver this season. I am currently tied for the 2nd wildcard spot and in a pretty tight 3 way race for our division. Right now all 3 of us are on pace to win 95-100 games.


pretty much, but with PT card rosters. ie a lineup of all time greats to draft from. I really like how they have the 5 tiers for the cards.

I had the peak Lou Gehrig, he rocked! But I used him to start up my All Cubs Team. Wouldn’t be fair to have a Yank on my team!