Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


So far so good. Lou Gherig’s first 10 games with me:


Heh, you have Lou Gehrig. I have Wally Pipp.

Wally is an overall 42 or something. If I ever do pick up Gehrig, I’ll put in Wally for one game, then swap in Gehrig for the rest of eternity, as happened in real life. :)


Or put Lou in for 1 game, pretend he gets hurt, stick Pipp and reverse history!


My gold team is still hanging out at about .500 only a couple games out of a wildcard, and watching @KWhit continue his run at the top of the division. My diamond team seems to be firing on all cylinders this year, currently 79-47 with the best record in the league and a 14 game division lead. They had one month of .500 ball in June, but outside of that they have been performing really well. Lineup hasn’t really changed, so I guess the league composition and rng gods are smiling on them. Now of course I’ve probably jinxed them to cratering in September and the playoffs.


My bronze team just had quite the game, winning 29-0.


Here are the achievements I got from it:

That’s 17 achievements for 9270 PP. Thanks, Farmington!




I know, right?

I used the winnings (and some I had been saving) to splurge on a nice SP I have had my eye on - Mike Scott.


Bang Bang Maxwells Silver Hammer indeed. That C Maxwell card is pretty good.

And 9000 pp for one game… jeez. that is awesome.


My diamond team is currently 83-60, so I guess I did jinx them. The division lead is down to 5.5 games.




I wasn’t complaining when it was going in my favor so I guess I shouldn’t complain when it doesn’t, but it is frustrating. :)


Looks like my silver league is going to come down to the wire. The Boston Beaneaters have gotten hot and taken over the division. I’m currently in the #1 WC spot and the Charlotte Communists are in the #3 WC spot. No one else is close in the WC so as long as I finish at least 2nd in my division I should be in the playoffs. I was hoping picking up Gherig would fire up my offense but even though he is playing great I’m still struggling a bit to score runs.



My son likes to check my team which has been a cute little thing to do together.

I wasn’t paying attention and he sold all my good players for basically nothing.

I thought I got a great deal on a diamond Mike Schmidt for 17k. The guy who got it for 10k must be happy.



Had a strange thing happen with PP today. In August I snapped a 6 game losing streak and received 100pp. Today I snapped a 7 game losing streak and received nothing. Not sure why it didn’t kick in the 2nd time.


Ouch, sorry Lantz. I hope your son is happy with his new family.


I’m pretty sure you only get the losing streak reward once per season. That way people can’t milk it for easy PP if they are trying to tank.


The Expats have come back this season and are in a fight for the last wild card spot!


Oh, @Lantz, that sucks.


So that pitcher I purchased a couple of days ago - Mike Scott… Wow.

He has started 6 games since we bought him and won all of them, winning player of the game every time.


The Expats swept the final 4 game series to take the second wild card spot.