Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


My Pack Rat (pack only) team with the two 100-rated pitchers won 101 games and won our division by… one game. We finished 1st in runs against and 1st in starter ERA, even though Chris Sale’s WAR was a disappointing 9.3. Sale pitched 269 innings with 299 K’s and a 2.4 ERA.

In my experience teams that win a hundred games in the regular season lose their first round playoff series, so I expect to be on holiday soon.


Rockford Rowboats and Seoul Expats make playoffs in Qt3 Silver! I barely made playoffs with a one-off game for division and Dierker wins it. Don’t think I’ll get far in playoffs.


The Kraken slumped at the end of the season but still captured the #2 WC spot. I should have Dierker going in the WC game and he’s had a really good season.



Thats terrible!


My diamond team pulled it together enough in the end to go 11-15 in September and win the division by 5 games at 93-69. My Cedar Rapids team continued to struggle all the way to the end of the season and ended up about 10 games under .500 in Gold, which was a bit worse than last season when they went ot the playoffs. We’ll see how next year goes for them. They did pull a diamond 3b towards the end of the season, so maybe he will help out. George Kell finally got sent to the reserves with the new guy’s arrival.


Yes, that has been my experience as well. It’s happened to my Gold team for the last 3 years (and my Bronze team last year). Here’s to hoping this is the year.


I won my division at 101-61. Right behind me was a team that finished 100-62. That team just lost their one game Wild Card against a side that finished 84-78.

The streak continues!

I’m now playing an 83-79 team in the Divisional Round and managed to win game one, so at least I won’t be swept.


So this stud pitcher who was so dominant in the regular season? Lost game 1 of the division series to the wildcard team. Grrr.


We were up 4-2 going into the bottom of the 8th. Rollie Fingers comes in, gives up a single then a 2 run homer to tie the game up 4-4. My closer Watson comes in the bottom of the 9th, gives up a leadoff double, gets 2 more outs but the runner moves to 3rd on a sacrifice and then goes up 0-2 on the batter but the 3rd pitch gets away from the catcher and the runner scores from 3rd.

Season ends on a passed ball :(


I made a ton of moves during the just concluded season and it made a huge difference lol.


And it looks like a 2nd season of getting swept in the division series. Degrom defeated Pedro Martinez and Kershaw beat Dizzy Dean, losing both of my home games.


We won the first two Division Series games 5-0 and 6-3 at home and then went on the road for game three and a potential series win that didn’t look very potential at all when we fell behind 6-0.

Then we won 25-7.

That team that went 84-78 and then beat the 100-win team in the Wild Card game, went on to beat a 102-win team in the divisional series and now are facing my 101-win team in the Conference Finals.

I’m doomed.


Both my teams made it through the Division Series, so they will both be promoted. Hopefully one of them can get through this round to have a WS appearance.


Tough way to end the season, but I did appreciate reading the story. Baseball tales can be so poignant!

Neither my silver nor gold team made the playoffs, and in fact neither broke .500 during the regular season – but neither will be relegated. I guess my GM needs to visit the marketplace again.


Yup. I got swept 4-0 by the team that finished 17 wins behind me.


Bronze team is in the World Series, winning the LCS 4-2.

Gold team is still in it, but down 3-2 in the LCS.


And you got into the championship round with a 7th game victory in extra innings! Congrats. I’m rooting for you to take out the Weiners!



Yes we did. In fact, we won game six with a walk off grand slam by Orlando Cepeda in the 10th inning to win. Then we won game seven with a walk off single in the 11th inning by… Orlando Cepeda.

He’s quite the hero around Atlanta right now. Maybe his magic will continue in the WS (currently tied 1-1).


I was sweating bullets as I watched the replay of this. Brandon Webb was a superstar. He won game 7 of the Bronze League World Series and took home the Cy Young and MVP award!


And at the same time my Bronze team was winning 1-0, my Gold team, down 3-2 in the WS was winning 1-0 as well! It’s on to another game 7 for me. Jesus!