Out of the Park Baseball 22: Take Me Out to the (Digital) Ballgame once more!

Hey @vyshka have you seen this? (heck, from the way you talk about your data analysis, perhaps you’ve already read it). Looks interesting.

No I haven’t read it, but it looks like it could be interesting. $60 price though.

I got the sample chapter and will be looking at it in a day or so.

Interesting stream from Angered Unicorn today. He went over Bronze tourneys; no huge surprises there.

But afterwards he showed a recent weekly bronze tourney of his (no DH), and that did surprise me. 7 relievers, not 8. His bullpen was exhausted at the end but he did win second place.

Even more surprising, he had every position player set to “unless starter tired,” and he used fatigue sliders to manage fatigue. He sets sliders from 60-70% but says that was too low and may move to 70-80%, which is roughly what I do, except I also mix in “use every 4th day” to make sure.

Finally, he said he intervened actively before a crucial game and gave Matt Strahm a slow hook, because the rest of the staff was tired. Strahm pitched 8-2/3 innings and threw 132 pitches, and won. Pretty cool!

I watched a lot of that stream but cut out near the end. Maybe I should go back and review that because this managing tiredness feels like an area where I don’t know what I’m doing.

Also, I hate to sound like a big whiner but I have been having terrible tournament performance this week. I haven’t changed much (maybe that’s the problem) but my bronze teams have simply stopped winning. I’ve actually mixed it up on Washington because I wasn’t happy with their performance before but the changes I’ve made are not paying off at all. I’m wondering if a lot more people have started playing, because I’m seeing quite a few teams I have never seen before, or if maybe the meta is changing a little and I am unaware of it.

@vyshka are you still pulling down Bronze data? I stopped when it looked like my team was going to be static for a while but I guess I need to start again. Plus I have been trying Silver tournaments (with similarly bad results) on both my teams and I guess I need to start pulling the data down for that again too. I wish it weren’t so clunky to get tournament data.

To end on a positive note, I played in the Storer’s Gold Cap Tournament last night and finished in the money… Don Money that is! I won that card for finishing in the 5th-8th slot.

@Charlatan I haven’t pulled data in almost 2 weeks now. I haven’t run many tournaments lately either. Busy period at work, and a little burned out.

I think @Madmarcus and I are in the same division of the same Bronze League. His Silly Mad Brewers have an 11 game lead over me with 30-odd games left to play. I’m just happy I’m having a good season. Bronze is as high as I’ve gotten with any of my three teams.

It feels odd. I didn’t change my team but last season was a solid .500. This season the team is going solidly over .600. Last I checked I was fairly far back in the OL standings though.

Sometimes players start (or stop) hitting for no discernible reason. Also how your team does depends a lot on the competition in your league and division. If you are with a whale or two you’re going to get beat up.

And sometimes it’s the phase of the moon!

Yep! Team performance must be affected by a staggering amount of variables: the number of left-handers in the league, or the prevalence of groundball pitchers, or homerun hitters, or speedsters, or defense-oriented teams, or whatever. If a guy isn’t performing after 40-50 at-bats or 20-odd innings, I don’t hesitate to bench him, but sometimes I’ll redeploy him next season.

Anyway, Madmarcus is maintaining his lead over me. I just hope I get a wildcard spot. :)

I’ve been having a lot of trouble connecting to OOTP yesterday and today. Not a big deal but slightly annoying as I normally leave it open on weekends and try to keep 3 tournaments running all the time. In the end I entered a couple of the daily tournaments. Poor results in those but it did keep me from being annoyed at the errors and dropped connections.

Now I’ve tried to enter a PD. It let me join but it can’t find the servers when I go to draft my team. I might be giving a bye to my first round matchup!

My OL team won the Silver league championship. Two consecutive league championships which I suspect will end when I move to gold next weeek.

Grats! That’s impressive, Charlatan!

Two of my three teams missed the playoffs by one lousy win. The third team, my non-OL and non-BFF team (Concord), won its division but lost the division series, 3 games to 1. Another year without a Red Sox Series win. :\

Congrats Charlatan. I made it to the finals in Bronze but I’m at work so I won’t know how it went for another six hours or so.

The Mad Brewers should be ok in Silver but nothing more than ok. I finally completed my first diamond BAL (Baines) which does give me a decent team but my rotation will be weak since I am still holding out on playing all the SE pitchers from the live missions other than Cy Young. The Wheeling Stogies mini-theme is gone as Greasy Neale and Bunk Congalton can’t compete at this level.

Are you guys still playing here? I understand how fatigue can set in.

The team missions they announced last night are not terribly challenging to complete, and a couple of the rewards are very good. Of course, anytime reward is good that means a lot of teams will have it, so that exacerbates the “every team has the same” issue people hate. But with enough rewards, you will have choices in who you use so eventually the variety will increase. And it’s better to say “I have these five great choices but can only use one of them “rather than only having one card that you need to use to compete.

At any rate I feel my endurance waning a bit so I’m going to back away from obsessively entering tournaments. I will still do it but I’m going to stop compulsively tracking stuff, as I don’t think it helps my team improve. And there’s nothing wrong with playing in a more casual manner!

I’m still playing, and now I’m glad I didn’t go down the rabbit-hole of tracking my tourney teams. I have a bronze team that wins consistently for all three of my franchises, but I’ve never been diligent about re-entering all day long; now, as usual, I do that a couple times a day if I’m busy, more often if I happen to have a lot of free time. I still win a tournament or two every day, which is nice, and I come in 2nd-4th a fair bit too.

Has the latest round of Live adjustments happened yet? I ask because I just pulled a Perfect SP Lucas Giolito, and I’m thinking I should sell him before his value plummets. It’s a nice card but doesn’t look significantly better than my other starters.

Edit: Live update scheduled for May 31. It’s possible my 100 Giolito will drop to a 99 Giolito, yes?

Also, the card limit has been increased from 7500 to 9999 cards.

Still playing. I sign up for three tournaments each morning before work and then try to keep in tournaments during the evening if I’m not doing something away from the computer. 10 or so cards a day is enough to keep my morning wake up by thinking about fake baseball routine alive.

As you mentioned some of the new mission rewards are nice. There might be enough different good cards now to have at least some variation in teams. I’m sure Diamond level will look the same again soon enough but diversity up through Gold level is all I can really care about.

Today my Silver team won 2 tournaments in a row and 3 out of 4. I guess it pays to stop paying so much attention to them!

Still playing. I haven’t messed with my bronze tourney team either and suddenly last week I won or placed in a few tourneys. That was nice but I didn’t have time to really keep up and only really played in a dozen or so total tourneys. Last season my team in Iron was again sitting at .500 at the midpoint. But then went nuts and ended up tying for a WC spot (but didn’t get in due to whatever it is that breaks ties) and even got promoted to Bronze. This season I’ve logged in even less and have a good record (10 over .500) but think I’ll miss the playoffs by a hair. Still, I won’t complain.

I’m at the point where tinkering with my PT team is just that…tinkering. Why does my 90 contact hitter have a .180 average while my 80 contact hitter is batting over .300? No idea. The answer may be in the data somewhere, but I don’t have the time to figure it out. So I just sorta check the main stats and try to adjust my lineup to weed out the lagging players for someone new and see how it does. It’s still enjoyable, I just don’t have as much to do now since my team is about as strong on paper as it’s gonna be unless I spend money for packs or get lucky on the packs I’m able to get thru tourneys and twitch. Speaking of, my pack luck has been horrendous this year. But if anyone needs a Iron level Pittsburgh Pirate, I’ve probably got a dozen lying around.

My Concord Red Sox are the winningest team in their Iron League. We’ll see whether the Curse prevents post-season glory again!

Boston, my OL team, had an unexpectedly good season in Silver. We led our OL division for most of the season, but the inevitable Sox September Swoon did us in. We did make it to a play-in game for the wildcard spot in our division, and Cy Young pitched great for us, but we lost 2-1 in extra innings. :(

Bar Harbor, my BFF team, played .500 ball in its Bronze division, not good enough to make the playoffs, but respectable. I dunno, they may have been competitive in the BFF bracket. I’m not sure where BFF standings are posted, as I haven’t been very active in the BFF Discord lately.