Pacific Rim (2013)

I fear Sparky’s game vanished into the bottomless pit of vaporware despair.

Yeah I’m totally not digging the two-person weirdo virtual walking cockpit thingee. It sounds completely counter-intuitive. It’s like… two-player one-runner QWOP.

— Alan

Obviously they pair up left brain/right brain teams recruited from Delta Force’s giantrobo division. The Japanese one has a single pilot (pioneers of the tech, ect).

There is a GlaDOS notification regarding “neuro-link established” or something like that, but still… I just don’t understand why you’d want to present it that way, unless to establish some sort of buddy-buddy thing.

— Alan

I dunno how I missed this, but I am all over this after seeing the trailer. I LOVE giant robots!

I want to kick every editor in Hollywood who thinks rapidly fading to black on every single shot in your trailer is a good idea. They don’t make me want to see your movie. They make me want to puke from the headache they induce.

Hey, at least we haven’t seen the entire movie in the trailer.

I was kind of shocked by that and I’m pretty curious if this is officially Valve sanctioned or what.

I realize that there is a person behind the voice of GLaDOS and she’s free to do voicework in whatever, but as soon as I heard the voice in this trailer I didn’t think of Ellen McLain, voice actress, I thought, “holy shit, that’s GLaDOS”. The post-processing was virtually identical and clearly purposefully so.

You have to respect the classics!

It also reminds me of this.

EDIT: Oh and that sound in the trailer could be the ubiquitous “Inception”-sound now made metallic.

Well, first of all, I’m pretty sure each one has their own mech (looked like 2 mechs in the outdoor shot, and later, during the robot-punching, it was just one guy in the cyber-cockpit).

But on another level, again, it doesn’t have to make sense, having a robot too complicated for one person to manage, and making them overcome their differences and work together as a team (and form BLAZING SWORD) is just part of the genre.

Edit to add:

When I saw the first trailer I looked into it, and as I’m sure many of you know, the robots are called Jaegers. Here’s a picture of a 2-man one. So I think there are definitely models where 2 people control a single one.

Umm yeah just scroll up the thread slightly to the previous page.

— Alan

It’s officially sanctioned. Del Toro is a big Valve fanboy and he asked for permission and got it.

I can imagine how, in the film’s depicted future, computer scientists would intentionally give their computers GLaDOS’s voice because that would be awesome.

Hell, I wish I could use her voice, or HAL 9000’s, for the voice for my GPS.

Whoa, missed this before today. Giant interdimensional monsters+Idris Elba+Battletech Mechs?

I am in.

Those robots look a lot better in the trailer than I thought they would, based on the drawings.

Del Toro is making the Shogun Warriors movie he always wanted, starring Jax, Stringer Bell and Glados, throwing in some Lovecraft that leaked out of his Mouth of Madness excursion, and playing it all like a serious disaster movie.

This may be my Godfather.

Lawyer: Your Honor, allow me to present Prosecution exhibit A: Giant Robot Rocket Punch. The State rests.

Judge: We find this movie guilty of being Awesome in the first degree. Sentence: We hereby sentence you to be a must-watch. Now bring me some fresh pants.

Del Toro walking through the trailer, no real spoilers but some insights on to the two pilot system amongst other things.