The "What Qt3 taught me Today" Thread

This thread is is a place for Qt3 members to take note, record and display to the world knowledge, epiphanies and insights that came to them from these forums on that day. Real or imagined. True or false. Sincere or Trolling. I shall begin in the first response.

Today I learned that, in Canada, Lord Robert Preston’s Trophy is presented to the team that wins the championship of the National Curling League.

OMG it’s a young Centauri! He’d been recruiting for the Star League for a while, it seems.

Well, if ‘today’ means the last 24 hours, Quartertothree taught me that you have to be careful with float math when coding! Thanks guys!

ya got trouble
right here in the Kodan Armada

With a capital “T”.

And that rhymes with K and that stands for…kool…?

It wasn’t in the last 24 hours but a staple topping on some foods for me is a chili crisp product I learned about from Qt3. And I’m going to try out Bliss BBQ sauce eventually, also thanks to Qt3.

Chogglepants and Poopsocks

Also the name of my new band!

I just got here today, and haven’t learned anything yet, but I see I’ve gotten behind in the Star Citizen thread, and I am bound to learn much useful information as soon as I go over there.

But overall, shit, I learn many new things every time I visit this place.
For instance, I get most of my news from here, since I don’t watch it on TV or get the newspaper.

Today was quiet. But I learned that:

1.) I really like use of “The Pusher” in Easy Rider. And László Kovács’ shots in anything.

2.) That:

“Harryhausen was a fucking genius. Anyone who says differently is objectively incorrect. The fact that his amazing animation might be in a crappy movie does not matter. He was taught his stuff by Willis O’Brien.”

I am starting to agree, upon rumination.

3.) Beautiful diamonds on dog crap may make it sparkle, but its still dog crap.

Oh Hell, where do I start ?

Starflight 3 campaign exists: Starflight 3!

How to start playing ESO as a noob, (recently with helpful links): The Elder Scrolls Online

Real-life reviews of PC monitors that are helping me decide: Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor

I could go on.
I’m not going into P&R

P&R taught me that I don’t like to argue as much as I thought I did.


Today I got a much needed refresh on probability theory thanks to @Dave_Perkins.

Today I learned:

1.) @BellaConfusione is a Sniper.

2.) The use of the Imperial system of weights measure and distances in fiction really ruins suspension of disbelief for some people.

3.) @marquac Has no Faith in his Raiders (that one made me a little sad…but not too sad)…

This is a great reminder. I also really enjoyed that aspect of the movie a lot. I think if hadn’t been for the actual story, I would have loved that movie.

In more modern times, I’m willing to forgive a lot if the soundtrack and cinematography is sublime. Witness the Bond movie Spectre. It’s a bit of a mess when it comes to story, but it’s an audio and visual feast that’s so scrumptious I still have daydream flashbacks.

So your post reminded me that if I had seen Easy Rider in the movie theater, just like Spectre, I would have probably not cared as much about the story in order to experience the music and the cinematography on the big screen.

Really I am just restating the @tomchick principle!

Aw, Shucks. Thanks!

Exactly. Now imagine going into a theater and seeing a film being shot and edited that way…for the first time (well, in America, and in a popular release with a guy named “Fonda” in it…but you get the drift).

It’s the mix of different unit systems that ruins the suspension of disbelief!

The archaic units I expect in a 60s TV show.