Peacock (NBCUniversal) - Recommendations and Exclusives

Not sure I feel like starting thread for these new streaming shows without seeing more, but they are on my radar. Peacock exclusives.


I wouldn’t touch anything with Dan Brown’s name on it.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the content on Peacock. With half a dozen platforms available to me Peacock has been my “default” choice the past couple months since signing up.

Girls5eva (QT3 thread) - Loved it. The 30 Rock and Kimmy Schmidt team offer their take on the music industry and a pop group making another go at it, 20 years later.
Rutherford Falls (QT3 thread) - Decent, but I’m not sure this show knows what it wants to be. Billed as a sitcom but as @Rock8man put it:

And a couple of non-exclusives that I still enjoyed:

Superstore (QT3 thread) - Solid, second-tier sitcom behind the Schur greats about working in a big box store. Six seasons with the sixth set during the pandemic and working that in to the plot.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (trailer) - Late 20s coder who has trouble connecting with people now can hear their innermost thoughts - as choreographed performances of popular music. Season 2 just finished, no word on a renewal yet. May move to Peacock as an exclusive.

Hmmm. I enjoy weird conspiracy shows but Dan Brown manages to be over the top with that stuff. Plus, why is his hero Robert Langdon about 20 years old in this? How did he manage to become such an authority at such a young age?

The SF show looked a bit dumb. The medical show looked interesting at least.

Over the past week or so I’ve noticed the ad cuts have been very bad in shows I’m watching. To the point of cutting off up to 5 seconds before the actual commercial cut and sometimes playing an additional ad after the timer runs out. This is especially a problem in Brooklyn Nine-Nine which I just started watching as it usually cuts off a pre-break joke or reveal.

Before someone suggests I upgrade to the ad-free tier, apparently B99 is one of the shows that still has ads on the $10/mo tier. Which is a whole other level of hot bullshit. Of course, NBCUniversal refuses to tell you which shows have ads on the top, ad-free tier so this is based on internet hearsay.

The solution is probably to watch it on Hulu instead which is a shame. Hulu doesn’t have the next episode integrations on Google TV (the whole new Chromecast experience is a bunch of wasted potential because most providers aren’t integrated with the device, sadly).

Apparently The Ray Bradbury Theater is a good anthology show on Peacock.

I admit, I’d never heard of it before reading that article.

Apparently most or all of Columbo is on Peacock as well.

They also have Airwolf. I loved that show so much as a kid, but I’m almost afraid to try it as an adult, in case it turns out to be terrible.

How does it compare quality wise to those shows? I doubt Peacock is ever going to be available here, but individual shows might show up on other services. Intergalactic ended up on NowTV, though I think that’s because Sky (part?) funded it. Apparently it’s not very good.

With only 8 episodes so far, hard to say. I enjoyed it and would probably put it below 30 Rock and slightly above Kimmy Schmidt. It may help that I grew up in that TRL/pop group era but I think it’d be enjoyable regardless if you like this style of show.

So I just watched the first episode of We Are Lady Parts on Peacock and it was pretty F’ing amazing. It’s a 6-episode British show about an all female punk band forming in modern day England, with all of the band members being of Muslim background with various different approaches to their faith and background. So, in addition to the usual impediments of a “Let’s get a band together!” show it has all kinds of additional complications, and a POV that was very unique to me. It has a ferocious energy and I liked the first episode a lot.

Agreed. The first episode of We are Ladyparts was absolutely lovely. A traditional one camera sitcom, Malcolm in the Middle style, with characters that feel very different. I loved it.

I finished We Are Ladyparts. What a great show. And yet, it’s a British sized 6 episode series, which is so maddening when it’s such a good show. I want MOAR!

On the other hand, it wouldn’t be as much concentrated goodness if there was more I suppose. Highly recommended.

Watched the first episode which is all that’s available in the free tier, liked it but not enough to subscribe, so maybe I’ll watch the rest if it ever ends up on the free tier.

I just binged We Are Ladyparts in one sitting. It wasn’t on my radar at all, but the comics writer Kelly Sue DeConnick recommended it in her newsletter, I clicked on the link and was hooked.

I don’t have Peacock, but the entire series is available on YouTube without having to look too hard.

Watched the first episode of the new Dan Brown show featuring Robert Langdon of The Da Vinci Code books. I quite enjoyed it.

If you’re inclined to like that sort of story, I thought it did a good job. I liked the characters they introduced. It had a decent amount of action and a good amount of creepy symbol-based mystery.

In the show he’s a professor at Harvard, so he can’t be that young. Although he does appear to be relatively early in his career. I would say probably late 20s, early 30s.

If you’re looking for something new and original, do not watch Supernatural Academy. But if you’d like a magical kids in school, caught up in machinations beyond their ken, standard teen drama show then this is a pretty fun one. Apparently it’s based on a book series, which I have not read, but the show is cute enough. Worth checking out if that genre is your thing.