Picard show confirmed


Foreshadowing the reboot, perhaps. I mean, it’s no worse than Kirk riding around on a motorbike in Beyond, at least to me.


At least he’s on Earth and younger, so it sort of makes sense in context, though I wasn’t a fan of it.

Dune buggy chases on another planet though? Uhhhh. No.
Red Letter Media goes over it many times over the years and how silly and annoying it is.


No, I mean the bit where they discover a motorcycle on the bridge of the USS Franklin wreck, and then Kirk rides it around and around in circles through the alien camp while the rest of his crew rescue the prisoners. I guess it’s already been established that Kirk can ride, but it was pretty forced.


Oh right Beyond. I never saw that, but same thing would apply. Stupid action for stupid action’s sake in a series that was mostly defined by being smart.


I actually don’t consider the dune buggy all that bad, at least in the balance of the other crimes Nemesis commits. And while I don’t generally like to dwell too much on things that I don’t like (hey, there might be Nemesis fans, I don’t need to piss in their cereal), I’ll at least mention a couple things that bug me:

  1. It’s basically a Khan rehash, and not a good one. As much as the destruction of the Enterprise has become a tired trope, so has the sacrifice of a crew member. And then they go and cut the legs out from under Data’s sacrifice at the end with B4!

  2. Shinzon makes absolutely no sense. The Romulans brilliant plan was to clone Picard, age him up, and send him back as a spy? Step 3, profit I guess? Then some other Romulans figure out this is kind of a dumb idea and discard Shinzon, which brings me to:

  3. Oh yeah, there were totally Remans all this time, you just never saw them. Look, I’m all for finding ways to shoehorn Ron Perlman into your movie with weird makeup, but what the hell? The Remans just hang out on this whole other planet which, oh yeah that was always there to (whistles innocently)

So yeah, next to all that, I don’t much give a damn for a dune buggy here or there. May as well have made the whole movie a dune buggy race as far as I’m concerned.


I mean sure, but it was still stupid. It’s just that the rest of it was so much more stupid.


When I see that dune buggy scene, I’m always reminded of Kevin Smith’s story about Superman, Jon Peters and the Giant Spider. I can imagine something similar went on with this, “you can write a new Star Trek movie as long as you include a buggy scene.”.

Also, I quite like Insurrection. I wouldn’t claim it has the greatest story but I always thought it captured the essence of TNG best. Nemesis seemed like a massive over correction to it, ramping up the drama and jeopardy as much as possible.


I think the problem with Nemesis is that it should have been a much better movie. I can see the seeds of it in there, but a lot was reportedly cut (a huge amount of character stuff which is what TNG thrived on, not its action) and set up for a continuing movie (which obviously never happened). It got trimmed to the bone into an action-heavy piece which I think works on that level, but I can see why TNG fans hate it. I’m a bit more ambivalent about it now that time has passed, in fact my rewatch a few months back was a lot more enjoyable than when I saw it in the theater and felt much more negatively towards it.

For sure it’s flawed and those plot holes are hard to argue against in its finished state, but I guess it’s just a guilty pleasure for me. Also, we’re being comparative here, and given how little regard I have for the other TNG movies I like Nemesis just because it’s a little different and feels less stale as a result. It’s a shame that crew went out on that note though.


That’s one reason I don’t like to unload on stuff I personally don’t like, because there’s always fans out there and who am I to tell them they’re wrong? It doesn’t offend me that this movie exists, it just seems, I don’t know - superficial is the word that comes to mind. Not that Trek is always deep, nor does it always need to be, but yeah, I’m sure they could have crafted a story that made me forget that they invented the Remans whole cloth for this movie.

For what it’s worth, I don’t consider myself much of a TNG fan, but neither am I really a hater. It doesn’t have the tight grip on my imagination the way TOS did, so maybe that makes it easier for me to criticize. I will say that, like @Synth, I kinda like Insurrection. It feels like a slightly bigger, slightly higher budget episode, but it was at least consistent with what TNG was all about in a way that First Contact and Nemesis weren’t, in my opinion.


Well I think it sucks that you don’t like to unload on stuff, and totally shit on your opinion!


I tend to agree. It was the only TNG movie that felt like TNG really.


I agree too, kind of. When I first saw Insurrection in the theater, I did enjoy it because it was the only TNG movie that felt like an episode of TNG. However, if I had to rate all the TNG episode on a 1-5 star scale, Insurrection would come right around 2.5 stars if I’m allowed half stars. If I’m not allowed half stars, then it was a 3 star episode when I first saw it in the theater, but then turned into a 2 star episode when I watched it later at home. It’s not one of the TNG episodes that you relish watching again even years later, like Yesterday’s Enterprise, or Cause and Effect, or Tapestry, or Inner Light, or so many others. There’s multiple seasons worth of episodes in TNG that are better than this episode called Insurrection. And that’s a shame.


That is absolutely Insurrection’s greatest success. It brings the show to the screen instead of the screen to the show. I really enjoyed it at the time.

I also enjoyed Nemesis, but for different reasons. At the time, that was definitely one of the best space battles put to film.