Pinball FX 2


Just sent a couple of requests to names I know from the group too (I just go by Josh on steam).

Also, getting 300 million in Pasha in crazy. Love the table, but I get frustrated every time I need to “defeat the guards!” More than anything though, I like the fact that the table looks incredible when the dropdown targets for the snake/mystic lamp multiball is ready.


Uh oh! I better check some of my scores to see if they are still on top.


Grabbed two more top scores tonight, knocking off @robc04 on Ghost Rider and @ledShok on Iron Man. Not especially impressed with either table though.


Okay, one more for tonight. @lesslucid has been deposed from Sorcerer’s Lair with 276M (252M before even getting to ball 2).


I sent out a bunch of friend requests to you guys. My Steam name is Cornflakes, profile url is arrendek. I’m terrible at this stuff, so accept and feel good about how much better your score is than mine. :P


Hey, I won’t have anything left :-)


Nicely done on the Iron Man score! That’s a helluva score for such an awkward and awful table :-) I gave you a little more work to do on Ghost Rider…

Sorcerers Lair - Yeah, that’s another beastly score. I concede. Your table.

Wolverine - I’m so sorry Rob. Had to do it. I have a strange masochistic connection with this table. Crept past your 104M with 2 balls to spare then freaked out and drained them both within 30 secs. Funny how that happens…
I don’t think any other table is as generous with the bonus multipliers.

If more folks would pick up the Aliens tables, that would be great. They’re half decent and I want more excuses to play them!


Heh, thanks. Yeah, I don’t think I would bother trying to reclaim the top spot if anyone were to pass me on it (unlike Excalibur or TFA). It’s a very dull and repetitive table, and after a half-dozen games I’ve seen all I want of it. I got that score by completing all 6 battle missions from hitting the center target/sinkhole, but then you apparently need to also complete a bunch of Stark Industries objectives by hitting the same ramps over and over again before you can go any further and trigger the final mode. I’ll take another shot at Ghost Rider tonight.

And I don’t remember the Aliens tables being on sale, were they? I usually only bother getting stuff when the price comes down.


That is my usual mode of operation, but I usually do just before I beat the score I’m shooting for :-)


And I returned the favor. This is the opposite of Iron Man, in that I’ve had a terrible success rate triggering and fighting the story villain modes, but the multiball is pretty easy to trigger and I can usually manage 5-10 million out of it each time. It’s also one of the easier extra-ball conditions I’ve seen, needing to get 4 consecutive jump loops, which I can usually manage once per game or so.


Um, so about that…

I noticed that my high score status had evaporated to @cornflakes’ (not sure who that is on here) 339M. I didn’t really expect to beat it, but decided to play a couple of warmup rounds on a table I knew well before moving on to something new, and that was the result.


Wow! I won’t even try and go for that sort of score. I thought my piddly 93 million was good when I got it ages ago. Well played @Thraeg


Screw all you guys. But in particular, screw Thraeg!!


Rounded out the evening with a bit of low-hanging fruit where the reigning score was only in the 20-40M range, knocking off @chronic from Biolab and @Jab from Might of the First Order.


So I guess we’ll all just play for #2 after Thraeg.

Fekkin shit.

I’m Cornflakes, by the by.

** grumble grumble **

Edit: @Thraeg - where does that put you on the global leaderboard for Sorc Lair?


Well damn!


You guys are putting up some ridiculous scores. I set a personal best for Blade last night and just missed moving into 3rd on my list. I’ll take that at this point as it’s going to be tough to beat some of the scores you all are putting up.


Number 219. #1 is 3.7 billion. Don’t think I’ll ever climb any higher though.

Today was all about duality, conquering Masters of the Force from @elbino/homard and Starfighter Assault from @elsquonk. But now I’m running out of tables with a relatively low record score to tackle. There’s a ton of 100M+ scores that are pretty daunting when just trying to learn a table.


I checked that out too yesterday and was thinking that seemed like an awfully high number rank for that good of a score. Then I realized this was the free table on Steam and being #219 is probably much more impressive than the one(s) I am top 100 on.


Well thankfully @Thraeg has not tried the Family Guy table yet, neither had I up until now. 4 turns and managed to get a cool 66M. I’m sure it could be quite easily beaten with a bit of practice.