Pinball FX 2


Oh crap! I am next in line!


Have you already played all of the tables? I’m wondering how people approach this game. Buffet approach or more focused?


I only commit to one table at a time when playing for score. The muscle memory needed to make specific shots atrophies too quickly when bouncing around. After getting a high score, I move on to the next and don’t touch that table again until someone dethrones me.


Well good fucking luck getting millions on the god damn Tesla table, for example. So I think some of the tables are pretty worthless in that regard and should be avoided. If nobody has even scored 100 million on the table, and other tables have people scoring 500 million… I think it’s clear which ones should be focused on.


That’s an interesting perspective, and opposite to how I approach it. I’ve never really cared about the superscore per se because it’s so monolithic and hard to change much, so seeing it slowly creep up doesn’t motivate me (I actually wasn’t even aware of the standings until you posted that screenshot because I haven’t looked at it in so long).

My goal was always accumulating as many table high scores as possible, so seeing that Tesla’s score was only at 8M or or so seemed like an opportunity – I’d rather scrape together 12M on that than tack on another 100M to my score on Sorcerer’s Lair.


Yes but 12m only adds 12 to your super score while +100m on any table adds 100. The low scoring tables are not good time investments.


Yeah, that’s my point. I’m optimizing for number of high scores rather than super score


I’m kind of a mix. I want to score chase a single table, but I get really disheartened when that table has a really low score ceiling. “Why did I just spend a couple hours playing this table to get to 50m? I get 50m every time in the first 10 minutes on table X!”

But mostly I really just want to enjoy the table. Any table that doesn’t click with me I don’t play. I tend to dislike precision tables where you have to do everything perfect or the ball drains really quick, and I definitely dislike tables where it’s too easy to lose one to the gutter/outlane. I really loathe tables where you can hit a ramp or orbit really well and have it ricochet to an outlane on the return to play. To me that’s grounds for an alt-f4.


Superscore is just a bad metric in general, since it’s also inextricably linked to how many tables you own.

Any scoring system that punishes you for disliking a given theme (I’m never going to purchase the Balls of Glory pack or the South Park table, for example, because I either don’t care about or actively dislike the various shows represented) or for not buying something while it was available (soccer table) is automatically bad as a measure of player skill.


That’s really well put and so true. There’s something incredibly rewarding about sticking to a single table and gunning for the top slot. Its masochistic to the extreme when certain tables are prone to “THAT’S BULLSHIT!!” type of drains, but pushing through those moments of agony are my Dark Souls boss killing moments.

Congrats on all the ludicrous high scores btw. Just stay away from my Wolverine.

I’ll be back in the Summer once this amazing glut of other high quality games have been put to bed.


Yeah, I always just saw it as a mechanism to try and get people to buy more tables.




My sister-in-law and nephew told me today that they’re always trying to catch my high scores in Pinball FX2 tables, but are never able to beat me.


I’m so used to being at the bottom of the leaderboards on my friends list, since it consists of people from Qt3 who are way, way better at pinball than me.


PInball FX3 is coming this summer. Most of our old tables will be importable for free. Short version: Lots of score competition stuff & accessibly features for new pinball players.


User generated tournaments will be nice. I can see some QT3 tournaments happening in the near future.


They say the tables that won’t make the cut are due to licensing. Wonder what those will be. Of course, this is a PS4 announcement and it took a while for PC to get FX2, so it may not even matter for me anytime soon.


Zen site says it’ll be on PC and both consoles this summer. Looking forward to it!


I hope that tournament feature is cross platform.

I own the most tables on Xbox, and then PC. It would be cool if you could compare scores in a tournament irrespective of platform.


To be honest, this and cross-platform leaderboards are the only things that would get me on board for caring about a new Pinball FX. And if they haven’t announced that feature, I doubt it’s going to happen. Even within a single console maker (Sony), Pinball FX2’s leaderboards got increasingly fractured over time, not consolidated.



Honestly, cross-platform leaderboards is probably a pipe-dream, and too much to hope for.

That’s why I was hoping that just this tournament feature was cross platform. So we setup a Qt3 tournament where we all play the Rome table for a week, and are able to compare our scores cross platform.