PlayStation 5

You can wile away the time on QT3 til then to help pass the time hehe.

I scanned your QR code and now your playstation is mine! Mu hu ha ha ha ha

Do we have a current list of QT3 PSN names? I’m playing PS5 way more than I ever played my PS4 so need to get some friends.

I feel like we should have a thread that catalog’s everyone’s stuff, like Steam, PSN, Twitter, Microsoft, etc. - didn’t we have a living doc at some point wtih a lot of this collected? Maybe it should be in a pinned thread in the Games sub?


I think it was pinned at one point in the forum rules, wasn’t it?

This is the big database:


This is the forum rules thread, I guess it became unpinned at some point? Unless I accidentally unpinned it in my version of the board and maybe other people can see it as pinned?

Good find - I could have sworn I submitted my info but I don’t see my name so I submitted it again.

EDIT: Oh, I see, I was in there but not as much detail as the one I just submitted. I’d delete the old entry but I don’t think I have access.

That list needs some cleanup, I think. Not everyone is still an active forum member.

Added a few people that I could find on that list. @Scotch_Lufkin your name on Zoho doesn’t seem to exist on PSN. If anyone wants to add me, I’m Vesper-P.

This is what I see in my Account information when I sign into PSN.


Maybe you’re set to invisible or something? Searching for FelixKrowe gives no results.

That’s possible - I don’t have a PSN online account, so it didn’t seem really that important. When I get
home from work I’ll poke around and see if I can open my account up.

Or, I can do it from the web site - it does look like I had “friend requests” set to “no one” so I’ve opened that up to “anyone”. Give it a try now and let me know if that worked?

Still no dice. What does “Friends - No One” mean?

It says something about who can see my friends (anyone or “friends of friends”).

I did get a friend invite from @Brad_Grenz, so that seems to be working?

So a warning for those that get the disc version of the PS5 - the discs go in upside down from how you might imagine. Learned that the hard way, LOL, so instead of Demon’s Souls being ready I now get to start waiting for it to copy to the SSD and update.

Whoa that is really good to know thanks!

Yeah, gave me a bit of a fright when it said the disc was “unreadable” so on a whim I tried flipping it so the silver side was up (if it were resting on it’s side) and sliding it in and that did the trick. Super odd.

Yeah, I noticed that when they first announced the PS5. That the sideways placement had the disc drive on the underside, not “on top” like with all other consoles.

Please review your consoles orientation in a non judgemental fashion.

Oh, no, no thank you. Gross.

I have mine standing upright anyway, so it’s not really an issue, but it feels strange to have the “bottom” of the PS5 disc point “outwards” away from the center of the device.