PlayStation 5

I wouldn’t call it more punishing exactly. The last decade has smoothed out a lot of rough edges in the genre. Lots of shortcuts, save points a few yards away from the boss fights, plenty of healing and options to cheat death.

It’s probably a lot more challenging though based on the tears I see shed on reddit. So I think you’re still right.

I mean punishing in that success is influenced largely by your ability to learn a bunch of crazy combo chains that you need to constantly be unlocking and upgrading in addition to the demands of learning levels, enemy behaviors and how to effectively evade, etc.

PS+ bringing its Collection means you would get to play the PS exclusives God of War, Bloodbourne, The Last of Us, and Persona 5. All are great entries in their genres. While you could likely find each of them for $10 or a little less on sale, all four would already be a 12-month subscription to PS+ at its generally available discounts. If you don’t opt for PS+, you should try out at least those PS4 heavy hitters, where they match your interests.

Does anyone know how to change the voice chat sound to come from the TV speakers, and not the controllers? When I don’t have headphones in, that is.
I tried turning the controller speakers off, but that just worked as a mute for the voice chat if I didn’t have headphones on.

I found this thread. I don’t know if this bug has been fixed yet or not. The ResetEra thread is from November.

Oh sheesh. I hope they fix it soon, but since it seems a lot of people are asking for it, they should.
Half the fun with being in a party with a friend and one of you takes a break is that moment the person comes back and starts making sounds over the TV :)

In the workaround, it says to give the PS5 a second input option. Do you have your old PS4 controller, maybe that can be used as a second input, and then the audio will work out of the TV?

Anybody get their PS5 from Best Buy? They had a drop this morning, and I think I was able to pick up a disc-version (sorry I didn’t post here, but I was on a work Zoom call the whole time, so there was a lot of juggling going on as it was).

But it was only after a roller coaster of “You’re in! Pick up only. Not available at your store. Not available at any store in a 100 mile radius. Available at a store 60 miles away. Available at your store in a week! Order confirmed, but not yet ready!” It seems like I snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, which makes me a little wary.

Anyone else go through this delayed pick up thing? Did you get your console?

I seem to have a major problem. When I put my PS5 to sleep (and once when I shut it down), many times when I go to wake it up it crashes. It says my external data is messed up, it says I didn’t manage the external drive properly - I did, I never touched it. The PS5 controller won’t turn it on even when plugged in, and I have to use the button on the front and hold my breath hoping it turns back on…

Then it goes through fixing possible corruptions. What is going on?

Yeah. Had to wait to add to cart, then when the button finally turned yellow, it turned into an endless loop of checking locations, having a list of stores that were supposed to have stock next week, but then changing their mind when I actually tried to confirm it, until it eventually said it was out of stock completely. If you got through to an order confirmation, you’re probably good though.

Have you updated the System software? Make sure you do that.

The standby mode is a little iffy still. People reported problems with it when the system first shipped, but system updates have made it better.

Either way, I typically turn mine off. You can still start it with a controller even if you choose the “Turn off the PS5” option in the shutdown menu.

I’ll double check but I’m sure it’s up to date. I’ll be happy if it’s system wide and not just mine, and I will only use power off and not sleep more from now on.

Yeah, just avoid the sleep mode for now. It bit me early on and I checked online and saw some other people having the problem so I mostly avoid it now.

Well, that’s a little “feel better” news for those of us who can’t get their hands on the damn thing.

I use rest mode because turning it off bricked my PS5 the day after I set it up. Rest mode has been good to me.

I think the reality is there are some quality control issues they’re sorting out that manifest in various ways.

Is there any possibility it was going to brick regardless? Like if you’d used rest mode instead, you’d be saying it got bricked due to rest mode? Cause this is making me more nervous lol.

I’ve had that same thing with rest mode. It seemed to be related to a specific game though… I think it might have been greedfall.

I never did rest mode with a game active.

Which USB port is your external drive plugged into? Mine worked way better when I switched to using the USB-C port on the front instead of the rear ports. Other people have reported improvements by changing the Rest settings to keep supplying power to the USB ports.