please delete thread thanks


please delete thread thanks


Something like that. Good luck, dear.


please delete thread thanks


I’m not sure that’s how math works.


That is on the assumption that such a binary decision has equal weighting. Consider an alternate scenario: You have a spinner, 1/4 (25% chance) is coloured “yucky thread” yellow, 3/4 (75% chance) coloured “cool with it” blue. The sample space, like Tom’s cool with it, or not is still 2. However, is there still an equal chance of getting blue or yellow upon spinning said spinner? It’s just maths!

I had to write this because it was bothering me and keeping me awake. Little things lately bother me. Apologies in advance.


I skimmed the rules (admittedly, I was really just skimming them) and didn’t see anything against promoting your own content. Tom has always wanted this to feel like a community of friends, and I’d definitely tell my friends about something I’m doing like streaming or blogging or what not.


Well, since our move to Discourse, Brian Rubin hasn’t been allowed to mention updates to his space-game blog. Notice that?


No, I did not. He was asked not to? That seems strange to me. It’s not listed in the forum rules anywhere. Source?



It reads like Brian was maybe spamming a little bit, though. That’s not really what’s happening here. I guess if @justaguy2 is bumping this thread every few times a week to keep it on people’s radar, maybe a different story.


The better option would have been to check with me first. As I’ve told you before, it puts me in an awkward position when you do this and I’ve asked other people who are forum regulars not to spam announcements. So as a general rule, I’d appreciate it if people would refrain from using the forum to promote stuff, especially when that’s their only use of the forum.




As you are not doing Tuesday or Thursday streams any more maybe the community can fill in somehow with different members streaming each week. Obviously you get to approve who gets the opportunity each week. How does that sound for an idea?



I think that is the important part right there. If you just pimp stuff here and don’t join in the community, that is lame.



Will you be adding this to the forum rules sticky?


Did someone post a bird?


Actually, it used to be in there and I took it out. I don’t want it to seem like folks in the community shouldn’t be sharing with each other what they’re doing, so long as it’s not just spam-and-run. It hasn’t really been a problem, and when someone registers just to spam, it’s easy enough to just delete the spam and send them a note.

And for the record, @justaguy2 is definitely a part of Quarter to Three even if he doesn’t post on the forums. He’s contributed some of my favorite stuff to the front page, he does great streaming (here’s a recent favorite that I would argue is better than playing the actual game), and the video series he used to do is aces. Watch this and tell me he shouldn’t be doing these every week:

But, yeah, I guess it gets messy without some clear distinction between posting and spamming, which can be such a subjective thing. So I have a better idea!



What if we had one thread where people could promote their stuff instead of having each person create their own?

Edit: I need to work on my reading comprehension. Thanks, Tom



I’m dying here. That’s great…