Portal 2 Announced


It, uh, really wasn't. Twice the length, easily.


okay. Good to know I'm not crazy when portal 2 feels significantly longer than the first. Anyway, I feel four or five hours was a perfect length for the first, and I personally feel portal 2 should have been that long as well


My Steam stats are not accurate for Portal 2 so I cannot stay for certain, but 2 did not feel twice as long as 1. It also did not take me 8 hours, but closer to 6. Of course, I thought Portal 2 was much easier than Portal 1.


So: Music Pack 3 is out, and the first DLC is coming free next Wednesday. It's called Peer Review.


Aaaaand the DLC is mostly Co-op. Great. Who has time to play with me between the hours of 6:30-7:30AM daily?



Co-op only? That sucks. I thought it was going to be time trial SP stuff like the ones in Portal. Disappointing.


There will be some challenge mode single player content.

But the coop will be all story-based and stuff (yay!).




Turret Lullaby comic from Valve.



My ten year-old daughter is more psyched about this than I am, and I'm pretty psyched. She may get to break the "no video games during the school week" rule because my need to play Portal 2 co-op is more important than her need for consistency and focus. Right?

Besides, what's more educational than out-thinking GLADOS with her Dad?


So Microsoft did relent on their no free DLC policy afterall. Very quietly.


They've allowed free DLC before, but the company has had to pay to have it put up. I don't know if that's changed.


impressive explanation.


DLC today!

But I suppose that Valve, being in the Pacific coast and all that, will release today the DLC when i am ready to go to bed.


Downloading now ?




Well, for once i am happy of being a big mouth.


They're also bad puzzles in a lot of cases. Many of them boil down to "figure out what surface will take a portal," which is maybe the least fun type of gameplay in these games.


So, because i have to download the full game again to try the dlc:

Does anyone know what is exactly the new content of this new DLC?


The game add-on features a brand new cooperative track continuing the story of Atlas and Peabody. Along with single and multiplayer challenge modes (track your time to complete them), and leaderboards.


The single-player includes new maps/puzzles as well, yes?