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OK, here is The Bij nappin’. Looks arty, but she is in a white bed against a white wall.




Bijou pretty much sleeps wherever she wants…


Very belated sympathy. Looking at him and based on your description of his behavior he was at least 1/2 Maine Coon and possibly full bred. They are called the gentle giant for a reason. It is good you still have two other cats. I’ve had bunch of cats in my life, and there something really special about Maine Coons. They are not only the size of most dogs (mine are 26 and 25lbs) but are very dog-like companions.

Mine just celebrated their 3rd birthday today, which means they have hopefully stopped growing.

The vet tech was so taken with them that she wanted to take pictures!



So majestic!!!


Our greyhound likes to do this. He’s sixty pounds of muscle, though, so it feels like he’s punching us, and he usually leaves a scratch. Now that we have a baby in the house, we are vigorously trying to train him NOT to do that anymore.


Yeah, Judy likes to jump up on the couch and punch with her paws. She has some power behind those strikes. It is something I know she will grow out of. She is extremely chill about 80% of the time. When she gets all puppy riled up, all bets are off on how she will behave.

1st week of obedience school this week wednesday. We will have to take a “first day of school” picture.

The cats are getting braver and braver. They will now stand at the baby gate and yell at us to let them out, even when the dog is out. She is off leash in the house, but is generally respectful of the cats if we are around. She can get amped up and want to play (play bow with the cats) but we have to grab her leash and make her “sit”. But sometimes they can share opposite ends of the couch quietly now.

It is an ongoing process that is going pretty smoothly. Excited for our order with a “potty bell” we are going to attach to the door. She can then learn to ring that when she needs to go. Crate training has helped, as she always goes when we let her out. But she still likes to sneak off for about 30 seconds when we aren’t paying attention to poop on the carpet. Hoping the potty bell and new baby gate we are installing will force her to make a noise or notify us. She is a super quiet dog (rarely barks) which is nice, but also difficult as she doesn’t let us know she has to go.

Feeding on a schedule is helping, as we basically have her poos timed out to 2 1 hour windows a day. But she is just 4 months old today, so still learning, and the basement carpet is definitely not new, and we can rent a shampooer once she gets better. For now, enzyme cleaner and towels work.


Supposedly an Anatolian/Pyrenees cross.

I see the Anatolian, but the pyrenees? I think there is some boxer or something in there.


One crate trick we learned way back - take a T-shirt you’ve worn that day and toss it in the crate with the puppy. They feel better when your scent is in there with them.

One of our rescue dogs came from an organization that fosters the dogs before adoption at a women’s prison. She came to us knowing the command “go hurry” - say that and she’d stop whatever she was doing and pee. Not sure how they actually accomplished that training, but I can see how it was important when the dog+trainer probably had limited time outside. Incredibly useful for us when taking the dog out to pee in the rain…


That would be nice.

Judy likes to take her time outside to pee and poo. But, her 4 am potty break is generally very business-like with her trotting out to her spot, peeing, and the trotting back in directly into the crate to sleep.

She is getting better, but still she is so quiet she won’t let us know when we she has to go, or her cues are subtle we don’t pick up on it. She is learning to ding the potty bell to get a treat to go outside, so that hopefully will be her method of letting us know it is potty time.


This is Rain, and she’s about 18 1/2 years old.

She’s dealing with some mystifying medical issues which may someday soon be leading to her final adventure, but I figure sharing her with you guys is a good thing while she’s in a good spot.

Some stories:


She was found in a rainstorm at 2 weeks old, hence her name. Technically feral, but she’s always been of the mind that the rest of the world is far more uncivilized than her.

She was EXTREMELY vocal, and I’d talk back to her whenever she meowed. I didn’t quite get it for a time, but she was really, honestly trying to communicate. She now knows several words of English. Food, up, down, come, stay, go, yes, no; those she learned quickly. But “Go get Gabe” (my son’s name) and a few other more complex things she started picking up around the age of maybe 3 or 4. But all that meowing… so I taught her the “silent meow,” for whenever she wanted me to come or get her food. She trained me pretty well to hear the clicking sound of her tongue as she opened her mouth.

So I finally found some peace and quiet, although this led to an interesting moment. I like to cook. I may not be a great (or even good) cook, but I enjoy it. So one day I was making falafel, but got the heat a little too high for the oil and it started to smoke. I didn’t think too much of it; I turned on the fan and kept on cooking.

Rain, however? She assumed the worst and started silently meowing to my son: her favorite person. She was trying to lead him down the hallway. She would walk a couple feet, turn around and meow at him, glare when he wouldn’t budge, and then returned to nudge him.
“Dad, Rain’s meowing at me…”
“She’s trying to get me to go somewhere. What should I do?”
“Follow her?”
The place was getting smokier, so I went to open some windows. In the meantime, Rain led my son down the hallway, pausing every few feet to make sure he was being more attentive this time. Past the bathroom. Past the study. Into his bedroom, where she promptly led him to hide under his bed to be “safe” with her. Of course, leaving me to die in the raging inferno of my own making (had it actually been real).

My son brought up the fact that hiding under a bed in a fire isn’t too wise. So a very smart cat, but no fireman… er, firecat?

Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot

The nobility of that cat, a term I do not use lightly, is only slightly ruined by the tie dye sheet.


LOL - Thanks, I needed that.


Good looking girl there.

I’m curious what the “mystifying” issues are. This is a pretty good hivemind, lots of experience with cats. Hell, I’ve had 8 in my life, 3 at the moment. I’ve seen a whole lot of cat issues.


So periodically, she’s losing bladder control, getting blood in her urine, and then having diarrhea in uncontrolled bursts. She goes to the vet, gets put on a number of meds, things return to normal, and 3 or 4 weeks later, it triggers again. Vet, drugs, fine for a while, then again. Rinse, wash, repeat. We’re now on some uber powerful antibiotic, but the vet confessed we don’t have an answer.

We’ve done x-rays, all different kinds of blood panels, urinalysis, food changes, etc… No dice (even the urinalysis shows no crystals or infection, yet… we occasionally get blood). I’ve gone behind my vet’s back and obtained a second opinion (and set of tests). Same. Both vets wound up saying the only thing left is exploratory and possible biopsy, but there are really patently obvious reason for them to say no; it would be a high risk procedure due to her age with no guarantee of benefit, if there’s a growth then doing so could inadvertently cause complications, and the cost would be extreme regardless. Several theories exist; something in the central nervous system (which they admit wouldn’t explain the blood), some kind of growth which we haven’t been able to pick up, some kind of poison she’s mysteriously getting into, a Xenomorph is growing inside her, etc…

It’s exceedingly frustrating, because everything seems to say she’s in perfectly fine health… except when it’s the exact opposite and I’m almost sure she’s about to die.


That is indeed an odd one. Poison of some type comes to mind first–maybe from an inadvertant source, like a floor cleaner he walks on and then licks his paws. Sorry, just trying to imagine, I’m sure you’ve thought of everything I might.
Our tomcat Maus was always listless when we first got him. The vet finally said “chronic anemia” and prescribed prednisone and a grain- free diet. Damned expensive cat, but he’s my wife’s baby.


@Giles_Habibula I’d post more pictures of Scotch, but after a while they all look the same. I mostly stopped taking pictures. Here are some of the latest.

Plus one of our office dog after he spent some time in some red dirt.


Those are great, @Lamalo!
Julie will be thrilled when she sees these tomorrow.
(Please don’t stop taking pictures. She’s infatuated with Scotch.)
Thank you!

Edit: What is the office dog’s name? Julie will definitely be asking, and if I don’t ask now, I’ll have to do it later.


First of all, I really loved your story!
I still haven’t got another cat since my last (and only) one passed away in 2015, but reading that made me feel strongly that I need one in my life again. My cat was magical to me, and your post brought it all back in a flood. So thanks.

Secondly, my god man, you must be worried sick! And kudos to you for spending all of the time and money trying to get to the bottom of it all. I know many people IRL that wouldn’t have bothered. Clearly, you love Rain, and for what it’s worth (I’m kind of agnostic, more or less), I’ll say my own version of a prayer that things work out. Excuse me for feeling a bit emotional right now, but I am looking forward to many more Rain stories from you in the years to come.

That goes for the rest of you as well. I don’t comment on every single story someone posts here, but trust me; I do read and greatly enjoy each and every one of them! Keep 'em coming. They keep my heart going, man.