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He’s quoted as such, by other behaviorists. I actually liked the show when I watched it. The guy found his niche and went with it. To be fair, trainers and behaviorists can and do conflict with each other. I mean, it’s pets we’re talking about, they can’t -really- tell us the issue or voice their opinions on methods.

As for Cesar, the guy made a career out of helping people with pet problems, but he’s written books and been on a number of videos as well as his TV shows and appearances. Anyone that much in the spotlight is going to be a target for everything they do.

That being said, I’m not a certified ANYTHING with regards to pets and I have issues getting mine to even listen to me sometimes. So I really wouldn’t know if Cesar is good or bad beyond if he showed up with beer and food and puppies at my house.


I’ve read articles about him. Of course you only see the segments where he succeeds. Not the ones where dogs attack him or he just fails miserably. Also his concept of pack dynamics is flawed and out of style.


I think that’s honestly a lot of it. Dominance based training used to be the thing, it’s fallen out of favor.


It is coming up to 4 years since Max had to be put down. He made it 15 1/2 years and was way too smart for his own good, still miss him.

The good news is that Rudy and Tusa are great dogs and a lot of fun to be around.


Max was a beauty. He looks like he was a German Shepherd mix of some description. Also, having two dogs is the greatest thing.

Also, I am jealous of the snow in those pics. It’s heading towards 35 celsius outside and very humid. We’re all hiding in the a/c as the fan just isn’t cutting it.


Have you ever touched snow?




I grew up in West Yorkshire, northern England. I’ve done my share of touching and shoveling.


Point made. I suppose that at some point in my life I will look back and have a sort of nostalgia for snow. Then I will take my medication. :)


Snow is great. For about a day. But yeah, right now I just want to roll around in freshly-fallen snow and play with the dogs.


Take it now! Take it now!


This, of course, always makes snow better.

If I could take my future meds now I certainly would.


A recent pet story:
So, I noticed the day before yesterday that Max peed on a chair, which is not normal for him. I then saw him standing in his litter box for a long while, not doing anything. Doesn’t seem like a good sign.

I ended up taking him and Claudia to the vet. Max to get this checked out, Claudia because they were overdue for their annual checkups and vaccinations anyway.

Now, while max was having some issues peeing, otherwise he was acting totally fine. Eating, drinking, playing, agressively licking claudia’s face until she cried and kicked him. But, I figured that I’d take him in before it became something worse.

Anyway, I got the carriers out. Now, the first time I took them to the vet, Claudia was pretty good. She’s generally a very floppy cat who is snuggly and likes being held. Max is snuggly, but he’s less comfortable just being flopped around. He likes attention, but he’s generally pretty awkward about it. Like, he’ll come up and want pets, but not really know how to sit with you, and will end up sprawled out in some weird position, looking vaguely worried about what is happening.

At the vet the first time, Max was NOT cool with it. Ultimately, they ended up having to put on the animal handling gloves, and hold him during the examination.

Anyway, this time, I expected to get the same kind of reaction for max and claudia.

But instead, I opened up the carriers, and Max just walked over into his sniffed around. I closed the door, and he was like, “Ok. Whatever.”

Relieved that went so easily, I turned around to get claudia. She was nowhere to be found. I looked all over the house, and eventually found her under my bed, in the exact center, just sitting there. I am honestly impressed that she pretty much knew exactly what was going down when I opened the carrier. It wasn’t like the carrier was pulled out of somewhere else and suddenly had some kind of fear scent on it either. They were just sitting in the corner behind a table in the living room the whole time. But Claudia knew that they were going to the vet. It was like a garfield cartoon or something.

Eventually I coaxed her out, and tried to get her into the carrier… it was not easy. She’s a tiny floppy cat, but was able to make herself consistently larger and very rigid, impossible to get into the carrier. After a while I did succeed.

She then proceeds to just start howling. Max is pretty chill through all of this, but she is howling.

I take them outside, put them in the car, and off we go. The vet’s only about half a mile from my house, so it’s a short drive, but she’s howling the whole way.

I get them there, and we go back into the examination room. Claudia quiets down, and we’re just sitting there, quietly for a while.

Eventually the vet comes in, and she remembers Max, so she and I are both expecting difficulties. I tell her his symptoms, and she thinks it’s probably a urinary tract infection, which is also what I had thought. His stomach wasn’t hard or tender or anything, so I didn’t think he had some bigger problem.

Anyway, I get him out, and he’s totally cool. No fuss, no meowing. He just sits there calmly, lets her examine him. Amazing. Anyway, I put him back in his carrier.

Claudia’s turn. She will not come out. I eventually have to just tip the carrier over and dump her out. She gets examined, and is fine (she’s gotten a bit fatter, and has tartar buildup). But she’s just hissing and growling constantly. She knows she’s gonna get shots (Max didn’t get any shots, because they didn’t want to give him a vaccination while he was already sick). And she does eventually. She doesn’t really fight or try to scratch, she just howls and hisses, literally the entire time.

I put her back in her carrier. The vet decides that it’s almost certainly a UTI for Max, and gives me some non absorbent cat litter (basically plastic beads) and says to get a urine sample from him. Turns out, this is impossible, since his UTI is making him think he has to pee all the time, which means he’s peeing a tiny bit, and not enough to collect. It just makes the beads wet. So, that’s a losing battle at this point.

Also gave me an antibiotic and an anti-inflamatory for him. I’ve never given a cat pills, and expected it to be much harder than it was. He took the first one without much issue. THe second one he was basically, “Ok dude, I was cool with you doing the first one, but this is getting old.” But I did get him to take it.

Anyway, seems like Max will be fine. Upon return home, Max was fine and walking around, Claudia ran under the bed again and hated me for a few hours, but eventually came out and has forgiven me.

I’m still amused though that Claudia had some realization of what was going on before it happened… She’s always been a very smart cat, able to figure out how to open every door and cabinet in my house (which is extremely annoying, and eventually forced me to install child proof latches on the cabinets), but I do wonder exactly what was going through her little peach sized brain when I opened the carrier.


Cats are smart. They even understand physics.

Wrap him in a towel first. Makes it much easier (I’ve found the pill pockets or sticking a pill in something like liverwurst doesn’t work at all.)

Hope Max feels better soon. Grandma’s chicken soup might help too.


I give one of my cats two doses of thyroid meds a day, and these are a LIFESAVER.


For pills, I take two spoons and spoon them with the pill between them. Squeeze hard, the pill crushes. Then mix with their wet food.

You might have to isolate them from each other during eating time–I know my cats play buffet, each eating some from every dish, even though the food is exactly the same in each dish.

I’ve never found pill pockets to work, and I value my blood too much to try to get pills down a cat’s throat any more. But the crushed up pill in the wet food works great. We have to give my tomcat some prednisone every other day, and it isn’t a problem any more.


Good luck with Max. It’s very common for cats to have urinary problems, especially males. I almost had one die on me due to a blockage. I feed all of my cats special urinary food.


We have to wrap my cat tightly in a towel in order to put him in the carrier because he fights. Bastard.


This is just wonderful.


Thanks, I needed that this morning.