Post your pet!


So this isn’t my pet, but we have a dog-friendly office, so I thought I’d show y’all Nugget, my new best friend.


Nugget looks like a great coworker. His coloring also looks like it gives him cute little eyebrows.


Brian too! :)


We adopted a giant floof today:

He’s a 3 year old Colorado mountain dog (newer breed that’s based on a Great Pyrenees). Over 100 lbs and super sweet. His name is Wookie.


How much does he charge for hugs? Because I am willing to make sacrifices.


That is, indeed, not a small floof.


Jealous! That’s such a cute lil guy to hang out with during work.

@Vesper quality floof for sure!


OMG flooooooof! Congrats!

And yeah y’all, Nugget is a sweetheart.


Wookie looks like a sweetheart but in two weeks it’s going to look like it snowed indoors. My advice is to get a shop-vac.


I also love the big cloud that moved into your place :)


That floof is a true unit. Congrats.


That’s too much dog (in terms of mass of body and mass of hair) for my taste. My hairy cat is already too much work. I wonder what the best breed for lazy people is?



the ugly ones.

although I am told you bathe those ones regularly. I am pretty sure I vacuum up a full cat each week though with the one i have.


I’m too lazy to explain to people that my cat is not actually a space alien.


Floof just needs regular brushing, and if you spot vacuum you can keep the floors clean for days. That’s how we keep our two large shedders under control. Still, you have to get used to the fact that 2-inch long, white hairs will make their way into the most unlikely places, such as the butter, and other countries when you travel and unpack your clothes to discover you brought some of the dog with you.


Best cat I ever owned.


They definitely look better when showing affection, aaaww!


Our fluffy had her shower today. She loves to scratch herself on the rug for 5 minutes afterwards.


In our house dog hair is considered a condement.


Here it’s feathers. Sometimes the area around the cage looks like a bird exploded.