Predator reboot to be written/direcred by Shane Black


Isn’t that a Shane Black thing?


Yes, with few exceptions. Oddly, setting his movies around Christmas is a Shane Black thing too, but this time it looks like he went with Halloween.


Hybrid… so is this just Species in Predator skin?


There’s a leaked script that went around over a year ago that caused arguments among Shane Black and Predator fans because the details sounded nuts. An autistic kid decoding the Predator language, human-Predator hybrids, retconning the whole trophy hunt thing. Well, it appears everything lines up in that trailer.


I was about to say, there are people who care about Predator lore? Then I remembered oh yeah, internet.


Especially after that last Predator movie. The one called Predators. Anything will be a step up after that one. i can’t remember why it was so bad, because I’ve forgotten everything that happened in it. But I do remember it was terrible.


This problem to me is this looks to try and create a bunch of ‘lore’. Like everything has to be some super in depth “cinematic universe” now”. The first one worked because it was so straight forward and easy to understand.

Just stop screwing with it.


Damn it! Now I noticed the misspelling in the title.


And you just had to point it out. I was wonderfully oblivious until now.


Yeah, it’s Sade Black.


I’ve only seen Olivia Munn in Newsroom, and liked her work there. She’s the best part of this horrible, horrible trailer.

This might just sound like nostalgia for Predator 1 (okay, and 2. sue me) talking, but this movie looks like a really shitty Predator movie… not that I’m any sort of fanboy or anything. I’ve only seen the first two, and that was 30 years ago.


Actually now that I think about it I never saw 2, the one with Danny Glover. Maybe I should look that one up …


It’s set in the future. Well, the year 1997. Which was the future back when Predator 2 came out.


Oh right, the year Simon Phoenix got put on ice. It was a busy time.

Wait a minute, Judgment Day was also that year! And the President’s plane went down over the prison island of Manhattan! How did we survive all that?


I don’t see what’s so surprisingly bad about the trailer. It’s not like the Predator franchise has a glowing track record. The first was great, everything else associated with it after that was fucking terrible. (and no, I’m not going to rewatch Predator 2 to assess whether it’s suddenly become less shitty over time)


Predator 2 is not as bad upon rewatching. I didn’t like it the first time either. But 2nd time onward I saw it with an amazing home theater system with incredible speakers and surround sound, and it was just an audio feast. Unfortunately the movie itself is still pretty flawed, but it has isolated scenes that are pretty good, so upon rewatch, you can concentrate more on those scenes that work instead of focusing on the bigger picture. At least, that’s my excuse on why I liked it 2nd time onward.


In. Shane Black sells me, even if the nice guys had a bunch of flaws, mostly apparently due to the inability to decide whether it was a series or a movie.


I was going to be more charitable and suggest that perhaps everything in the movie other than what they showed in the trailer could be good.


I loves me some Shane Black, but this trailer makes the movie look terrible.


Guys, why are you discussing all of this stuff instead of the most controversial part of the trailer. I’m supposed to believe that in 2018 a kid is playing World of Goo on his computer and blocks on his desk… INSTEAD OF MODDED MINECRAFT ON A MULTIPLAYER SERVER??