President Trump Optimism thread


The only time he defaults on debt is when it is his own.



The amendment passed with a voice vote, meaning it had overwhelming support


Holy shit… Optimism.

Of course the Senate will likely kill it, but still.


I’m not so sure. Given the near-unanimous support in the House, it clearly has support from staunch conservatives as well as liberals. Any senator that opposes it would incur the wrath of both sides. And why? There isn’t any obvious benefit.


I bet the repubs support it because they want to protect Trump’s property if he’s charged with a crime.


Hell, I’ll take it.


That UNGA speech was not the worst thing I have ever heard. Can we make sure he sticks to the script always?

I am grasping at straws for optimism here, but at least his speech was optimistic. Helps that the UN has been quick to follow us with the NK sanctions.



That Umm ahhhhhhhhhh second speech at the UN wasn’t as good… Yeah.



Embarrassing fact:

When I was really young, we moved to Bristol, TN, and shortly thereafter, I started 1st grade. What I almost immediately learned is that going to school in Bristol, TN means you must love and watch racing, and the closest thing we had to cliques was based on which racer you favored.

I picked Dale Earnhardt because I liked black, red, and white, which where his colors, and “The Intimidator” just sounds cool as fuck. I didn’t follow it as closely as most kids in my school, but I had some Dale paraphernalia, including a bedroom sheet set. It took ages to actually get rid of–like, I think I had it up through college.

Anyway, it’s pretty cool to see that his kid turned out alright, at least on this front. Wonder if my folks kept the old sheets. . . :)


This is why I hate Twitter journalism.

The tweet is “Racing star Dale Earnhardt Jr. defies NASCAR owners to show solidarity with NFL protesters.” Now, if you’re like me and have no knowledge of NASCAR schedules, you might think “Oh, wow. Dale Earnhardt Jr. must’ve taken a knee at the start of a race lineup or something.” But that’s not what happened. He just tweeted out a message of support to protesters. A fucking tweet.

That’s it. You’d have to use a pretty generous interpretation of defiance to get the headline in the first tweet.


I lived in Charlotte for the four years surrounding the Y2K-pocalypse and I found it a surreal experience. NASCAR is practically a religion, it’s like high school football to Texans. Coworkers couldn’t understand my complete apathy (just like they could not grasp how I declined to choose a side in the ongoing Duke/UNC wars) and tried to explain things to me in very basic terms. I came to understand some of the strategy, drafting and the like, and that it’s not just barrel assing down the strip going left occasionally. But they absolutely could not make me care.


All I really know for sure is that anyone who likes Jeff Gordon is a pansy!



But he’s so dreamy.


My father was a lifelong NASCAR fan and pulled for Dale from early on until his death on the track. You picked a great one to pull for.

Sadly, I was the one who called my dad and let him know after Dale was pronounced dead on a radio broadcast. My father was working over the weekend on a tax audit for a customer and had missed watching the race, something he usually did. It was one of the saddest phone calls I’ve made, ever.

I wouldn’t count on NASCAR following the lead of the NFL though.

What? Get out of here. Those who don’t pick a side should be forced to pick up the tab for the entire bar on game nights.

Charlotte is strange about NASCAR. Due to it being a transplant kind of city, there are a large number of people who don’t care, and don’t follow anything about it at all. They are soundly made up for by the amount of fans that come into Charlotte over race weeks. I stay off the highways for several days if at all possible.


And then I moved out here to Seattle and have run into the same problem, just different schools, UW vs Wazzu. The story never changes.


I work for one of the large unis in NC. A number of my common work shirts are similar to the “wrong color.”

It’s a whole goddamn thing.


Indeed it does not. There seems to be some great sports rivalry anywhere I travel.

I have what is referred to as a, “split family.” In NC that means we do not all pull for the same team in the UNC vs Duke mania.

Since we are in P&R, some might find it surprising that there is quite a bit of P&R within the UNC vs Duke rivalry. It’s far more than just the history of the two in sports.