President Trump Optimism thread


The irony being that they are both blue. Just slightly different shades of blue.


As some of you may know, I am a racing fan, and one thing that’s certain is it is the whitest of sports except as you approach the top level in open wheel racing. NASCAR (which I pay some attention to but am not a big fan because it’s often dull as dishwater) and the local tracks are the whitest of them all. I was struck by just how white it is as I stood in the stands at Lincoln Speedway on Saturday night. I wondered to myself how many people there would have been appalled to even have a single black man walk through the gate? Probably more than I wanted to know.

I think for every one of those people, there are others who were like me and aware of their surroundings. Aware that this event is as white as it gets, but also not sure how you change that?

One thing I can say for sure is there is a lot more diversity when I go to IndyCar events, both in the drivers and their nationalities and in the men and women who work on the cars. The crowd is also much more of a melting pot. I spent a couple weekends in the IndyCar garage these last few years and it’s usually a friendly and diverse place. So yeah, not all racing is NASCAR.


I can understand how a random person might identify with the state school and root for it even if they never attended. In Kentucky you have a zillion “Walmart Wildcats” who wear the shirts and fly the flag because they’re Kentuckians and the school is called Kentucky. But picking a snooty expensive elite school just because? Duke’s rabid fan base should be limited to their alumni. I guess the only reason it isn’t is because they win a lot. At basketball, anyway. I worked at Duke for a couple of years and for football they made the NC State game ‘staff day’ where staff could buy cheap tickets. Damn near every staff person I worked around had attended NC State, not Duke, and wore their red gear to that game.


When I was a youngun at USC I was too cool (or uncool?) to care about the Trojan/Bruin rivalry.

Still am. Woo hoo!

I do care about Fed vs. Nadal, though.


I stopped caring about tennis when the racket technology made it so everyone had to just stay on the baseline and hit the crap out of the ball. McEnroe-Conners was sooo much more fun to watch than Federee-Nadal. Now get off my lawn, dammit!


You know who else liked black, red and white?


Hugo Boss?


Well, Mac/Connors was indeed fun as hell to watch. (Although how Connors was able to win slams with that ridiculous T-2000 will mystify me forever.) That said, the rise of graphite rackets didn’t entire kill serve and volley, especially on grass. Edberg, Sampras, etc. Fed even volleys sometimes too! Especially at Halle.



Huh, now that you mention it, I guess I haven’t seen a pro tennis match in forever where anyone runs up to the net to volley.


Edberg was the last player who did it on every shot. The players since then (Sampras, Fed, etc) do it, but much less frequently. Even Nadal has started doing it, and when he does, he’s startlingly good at it. His percentage at the net is much higher than everyone else, but he’s not used to being aggressive and pushing for that yet. I think if he adds it to his arsenal as he gets older, it could help him win matches while spending less energy, which is important as he gets older.


In the latter part of his career, Sampras came in behind almost every first serve, and not just on grass. Of course, it helped that he was coming in behind a freakin’ cannonball.

Fed has a good serve, but not that good. And returns have only gotten better in the intervening 15 years.

Also, Rafter was a dyed-in-the-wool serve and volleyer, but he was a minor figure compared to Edberg or Sampras.


In fairness, @Telefrog, Earnhardt Jr.'s been pretty open recently about his increasing doubts about the NASCAR fanbase and the need to speak up on behalf of social justice type stuff.

I dunno if he’s gonna get tapped to headline the next BLM rally or anything, but for a NASCAR bro, it’s not too bad.


I’m fine with what Earnhardt did and I’m pretty sure he was commenting on the NFL and the anthem. I just hate how Twitter journalism turns a tweet into some act of defiance.


I feel ya, but it is part of a larger and emerging pattern for him.

Now, whether the person quoted above was aware of that and factoring it into the narrative they were spinning. . . ?

Well, twitter journalism :)


Tom Brady came out an criticized Trump, so I expect Trump to lose his shit about it soon.


So did Kraft. Wonder if Trump will be sending his Super Bowl ring back. Ha! Almost made it through with a straight face.


Nah, it’ll be something classier than that:


I just don’t even.



What is it? What did he say? (I can’t play a video at work, there are other people in the room).