Qt3 League of Leaguelets, an async paradise! (NOT related to League of Legends)

Welcome to Qt3’s leaguelet arcade, a central location for games that a smallish groups of us would like to play competitively. To join, just send me a PM that includes the necessary nicknames (e.g. GameCenter, Blizzard.net, and so on) that others will need in order to play you.

We are also playing these games, but they have their own threads:

[/li][li]Star Realms
[/li][li]Neuroshima Hex

Please use the charts below to challenge others to games that they’d like to play. Feel free to create 3p and 4p games where appropriate. You are welcome to reject invitations, but consider making a return invitation, or perhaps explaining why you rejected the invitation. Winners should report results in boldface.

TheDukester (Lost Cities, Ticket to Ride, Lords of Waterdeep)

Joe Bolt:

Carcassonne - josephbolt22
Chaos Reborn - jbolt (already in this but my name isn’t on the front yet)
Disc Drivin - joebolt
Lords of Waterdeep - joebolt
Lost Cities - josephbolt22
Nightfall - josephbolt22

From time to time there will be playoffs and a reset!

You’re welcome to join these leaguelets at any time.

[B]Capitals ladder[/B]

robthomasson    oo
ankamela        o
dave p          o
xtien           o
delirium        x
fire            x
craiggiarc      xxx

If you’d like to join the ladder, please post your intentions and then challenge one of the people already in the ladder. Once you get a result, you’ll be on the ladder!

When you win, you get a ‘o’ or lose an ‘x’ and when you lose, the opposite happens. This will represent your Qt3 ELO rating. :)

If you are already in the ladder, you can post a challenge to either or both player(s) adjacent to you at the time.

We are playing a Circle tournament in Frozen Cortex:

Round 2:

joe bolt

Play a game vs the person above and below you (the list wraps around, so Thraeg plays bobm). If you lose both games in a round, you’re out! Otherwise, you move on. In the case where no one loses both games in a round, everyone who is tied for the worst cumulative record is out.


Q: What is a leaguelet?
A: Just a regular league but for games that are drawing less than a dozen players at the moment.

Q: How do I join?
A: PM me the game(s) you’d like to play in and the necessary nicknames (e.g. GameCenter, Steam, and so on) that others will need in order to play you.

Q: What do I do?
A: Challenge anyone you like to whatever games you like, using the chart in the original post. Feel free to create 3p and 4p games as appropriate. Feel free to reject invitations, but consider creating a return invitation, or perhaps explaining your reasons for rejecting the invitation.

Q: Are there any resources that help me learn any of these games?
A: Clyve and Dave played a public game of Nightfall to introduce the mechanics.

Q: Why bother with all of this unless I can be champion?
A: Hold on, Hammer, we’re getting to that. Each month or two, every game will have a playoff of some sort, and on top of that, we’ll have some sort of playoff for overall champion. I’ll tabulate all results and post the conclusions based on the Quartertothree Pew Pew Protocol (see post 4). The tiebreaker for games with point differentials are those differentials (with high and low tossed).

Q: Who made that boss logo in the original post?
A: Clyve made it. Many thanks to him!

Q: Are there special rules for any of the leaguelets?
A: When setting up a Chaos Reborn game: 2 player async, 20 turn limit, 30 day game limit, victory points draw (that way there will always be a winner in case of a draw).

Change dates on Chaos to 2015.

Lost Cities: April 2015, Dave > tecwrtr

The Quartertothree Pew Pew Protocol (QP3)

When a leaguelet ends, the playoffs will follow this protocol:

  1. Number of participants. The number of playoff spots will be a power of 2 and no more than half of the number of participants. For example, if 12 people played in a leaguelet, then 4 playoff spots at most will be open.

  2. Eligibility. No one with zero wins or less than three games played may make the playoffs.

  3. Choice protocol. Two rankings, one by win percentage and one by number of wins, will be compared row by row. As soon as a player has appeared in both rankings, the player will be added to the overall ranking list. This process continues until the number of playoff spots are filled. Ties for the final spots will be broken by win percentage.


I think 2p asynch games are best, but damn I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more Solium Infernum action.

I don’t know what that is but I’ll play whatever whenever with whomever.

It’s a strategy game that takes way longer than a week to play, so I’m not sure what I was thinking when I just suggested it! :P

Okay, send me PMs if you’d like to join! I’ll collect them over the next few days, and we’ll start as soon as we have a half dozen or so people in any given leaguelet.

I’m in for some penny-arcade if anyone still plays it.

I would join that if it floated.

I’m in for Lost Cities, and someday I will actually play Frozen Synapse. The icon stares at me from both my iPad and my PC with a cold deadly intensity.

Summoner Wars is another good one.

No love for Small World 2 and Lords of Waterdeep?

If you guys have downloaded Nightfall already (it was free for a day last week) it is definitely worth the effort. I’d love to see some others pick this game up.

I’d play Carcassonne, Penny Arcade, Summoner Wars, Agricola, Peurto Rico, LoW, etc. Async and I’m in. Please keep in mind that while I’m willing to play, I can’t guarantee I am good at the game, or even that I have a firm grip on the rules.

Clyve, it’s probably better to list the games you don’t play :p


Others on the list, just for the sake of getting people thinking: Razzia, Stone Age, Kahuna, Eclipse, Ticket to Ride… Am I missing any big ones?

Oh I don’t own Small Wonders

Isn’t that logo in the OP cool?!

Please tell me your nicknames even if I could look them up. I don’t want to look them up. Thanks!

I’d play TTR, carcassonne, penny arcade, small world, Puerto Rico, lost cities, food fight, letterpress, scramble, words with friends, low
to start?

Disk Drivin’!