QT3 Secret Santa Part III: Better Than the Last Sequel

I changed my status to “not ship internationally” I don’t think I will be able to do that.

The first and the second.

Completely missed this thread before. In!


Please no international.

fire’s dead stick person in mailbox pic is the accepted form for expressing a delayed gift reception, incidentally.

I’m in again this year, and would be willing to ship internationally.

Is there a post/join date minimum and if so do I qualify? If so then I’m in, and if not then I’ll just have to make my own secret santa thing…with booze…and hookers. In fact, forget the secret santa!

Addendum: I would prefer to ship within the US only.

I’m in. Been here too long to not participate in one of these.

Just another bump to tell you all that I’ve been watching even though I haven’t updated the list recently.

Work’s been crazy for me, but that’s no excuse for you guys not to sign up for this!

Ben and I are in.
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Sones (as one entity)

We can ship internationally

I’m going to be going through to count people for in-ness tomorrow morning.

Tom, can we get that sticky when you get a chance? Only two more weeks to sign up!

I’m usually hesitant to do stuff like this (no good at thinking of gifts), but my partner promised to help me. I’m in! :)

p.s. I can do international.

I’m down. International can do.

Then you better start participating in every single thread from now on, since we’re supposed to stalk our victim^h^h^h^h santee on the forum and find out what they really like.

Yeah, all of you sub-200 post guys have your work cut out for you, if we’re going to figure out what a good gift is!

Though I shudder to think what my posting habits look like. “He REALLY likes Dynasty Warriors…”

What the hell, I’m in. Would prefer not to ship to scary foreign countries.

There’s always the placenta teddy bear.

I’ve been rather curious about this process in years past, so why not? I’m in. No international shipping for me, please.

You’re all just saying no international shipping to avoid getting a large crocodile from me, aren’t you? As if I’d do such a thing.