Random thought thread!


Good luck Rich. I’ll be interested to hear how you make out. And protein shakes for the win!


In a presentation, a coworker keeps referring to women as “females” and all I can think of is


So Tuesday night I took my regular pills with one Halcion, I wasn’t aware of any unusual effects because I fell immediately asleep. Which I guess for me is an unusual effect. Next morning at 8AM Took all three of the Halcion instead of just two. I felt perfectly normal for the ride there, but my legs were a bit loose when we arrived. Wheelchair time. My feelings at that time were, “I’m in a potentially painful situation but I have no control. I might as well go with the flow.”

Got in the chair. Napkin applied. Small talk. Doctor comes in. This should take about half an hour. Try to relax. The shiny clinky instruments are arranged. He swabs my gums with something evil tasting.

Then come the needles. The great many needles, of all colors shapes and sizes. The previous swabbing has seem to done its job. Most injections are painless, Except for some that feel like drilling for deep pockets of nerve tissue.

After a few moments where the dentist pinches various parts of my face, the procedure begins. At first there is clinking and clipping and passing of devices. Then he slips. Oops. Sorry. Nurse, on of those. Grip, crunch fuckingOWWW!

Sorry, wait. Another injection. Into the tooth. To the nerve. Does that hurt? Fuck yeah it hurts! Crunch. FUCK! All over.

All over?

Well, for that one.

Long story short, I survived. Lots of dissolving sutures in my mouth. But very little pain. More to come.


You’re supposed to close your eyes and not look at the needles.


So amoxicillin has declared war upon my digestive system. I’m not surprised. Just not happy. The following is TMI. You have been warned.

So it’s not liquid. It’s lumpy and gassy. So fucking gassy. But you can’t count on gas. It will probably force out some lumps. Dear Jesus please stop this.


Other antibiotics are available


It seems to have balanced out. Today is much better.


I’m sure your wife is thankful.


Heh. Indeed. Another thing that I was thinking about… this is the first time in years, years, that my mouth is completely pain free. I can recall when the first tooth got loose. My first root canal. The enjoyment that was the tooth bending the wrong way when I chewed. Once that one fell out the rest of the uppers started shifting. I saw a few dentists that swore to me that my dental hygiene was at fault. But it wasn’t. It was the Dilantin.

Eventually I just stopped going to dentists. Teeth hurt, got loose, and I pulled them myself. Fuck the dentists. It was a slow progression of loss, with a constant degree of pain. Some bad some less so. But all the time. Right up until I got the rest yanked. Now? Blessed relief. Kinda fucked up.


Aside from all of the trauma of actually going through this procedure though, wouldn’t you say that that “blessed relief” made all of that worthwhile? For me anyway, blessed relief from traumatic situations has almost always been worth it when it was all over and done with. For instance, about 20 years ago, after years of very difficult financial problems pertaining to a business I once owned, I finally threw up my hands, closed the business, and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It was a very stressful time (though not nearly as stressful as the years of juggling finances and taking out more loans), but when it was all over, and I could finally start my life fresh, the relief was immeasurable, and I could sleep soundly again once I had my new job, and went back to being debt-free again, and could easily pay my bills. I felt like a relatively normal human being for the first time in years.

What I’m saying is that no matter what the trauma may be, whether it be dealing with debt, or constant physical pain, or even a bad relationship, once you fight your way through it, the relief always made that fight worth it in the end, and I could once again focus on enjoying the small, simple things in life.

Keep on pushing on, and focus on the things that make you happy. I’ve found that having something, even a small thing, to look forward to, is very important with regard to keeping perspective on things. Always try to have something to look forward to.

Edit: Heh, I guess I kind of gradually got away from what you were saying, and wound up giving general life advice instead. I’ve been thinking of @wumpus’ situation a lot lately, so a part of my post may have been partially directed at him. It’s late; I’m tired and easily sidetracked by everything going on in all of these different threads. :)

I apologize if my posts are getting too long, or seem “preachy”.


How is dentistry even possible on a cacodemon? I figure that is pretty god damn amazing in its own right.


Wonder if reading counts? I may have bumped into a bench or two in my time while reading actual, physical paper while walking.


My girlfriend, who is currently in pain, asked me what they did in the “olden days” when someone was in pain.
I jokingly replied, “They probably just amputated the offending appendage.”
“But what did they do for the pain while amputating?”
"No. Before that. Like in the 1700’s."
I had no idea, so I looked it up.


Just figured this ad I came across would interest someone. Like maybe, I don’t know, @Telefrog.



Man, I thought we were pals.


It’s Halloween and at the office we start around now (3pm) taking our kids around to everybody’s offices and trick or treating. Most people just leave a bowl of candy outside their office and when the kids come by they say “Oh, wow, who are you supposed to be?” or just keep working if they aren’t into that.

So I’m walking around the office to talk with people and there are bowls of candy everywhere. My family is coming in 30 minutes (wife’s always late) and we’ll be leaving early after the trip around the office. Motivation is super low. And now I’m ALSO all jacked up on sugar and of course today is a day I need to get a lot of shit done.

Help me obi wan!


Use some insulin, Luke.


So I’m taking the bus home and an elf girl got on just now. Like elaborate dress, gold jewelry, pointy elf ears. Wonder if she grants wishes or anything? I forget how this works.


Elves aren’t Barbara Eden, dumbass

Elves eat trees, and like have like forest powers, and shit like that


This is how it works dude. Do you have any condoms? Keep them hidden. And don’t make eye contact. You’re too old for her.