Random thought thread!



That one didn’t do well with Fakespot and was a lot of it. I am going to try one of it’s neighbors though (the ones listed below). Thanks!


Glad to be of some small help.


At this point from concentrate is better than these blends and cocktails which is basically glorified pear or apple juice with a few drops of passion fruit. It’s a small piece of a mixed drink so these might just work. If I really like it i might up the quality a bit; we’ll see.


It is a great day. AND I NEVER SAW IT COMING.



I’m 100% on bird.


#AlwayzBird #ChewsLibirdy


Borb is love. Berb is life.





Have a little autumn coziness on me.


We haven’t used our actual indoor fireplace yet, the weather has been above normal, but we have used our little outdoor firepit on a couple evenings.


Are you nuts? It was 86F here today.


The #1 (note: not my favorite) sign that I am getting crankier as I get older: I think the current deluge of “favorite X” or “list you number X Z” threads clutters up the board. I come here for the beret-and-monocle wearing pretentious armchair analysis, not QtBuzzfeed.


I can deal with those because at least folks are providing some context. What bugs me is threads that are just lists of “top five whatever” with no explanation. Those are the most useless posts evar.


You know how, if you repeat a word enough, it loses its meaning? A word that this happens to very quickly is gavel. How many times can you repeat gavel before it seems like a nonsense word? Gavel?


Rich, turn of that Judge Judy marathon and take a walk.


People’s Court. It’s raining. :)


Hm, makes sense to stay indoors then. Court’s adjourned, I guess.