Random thought thread!


That is literally true.




Every time I am forced against my will to do maintenance on this iOS app at work, I am reminded just how miserable the Apple developer experience is, to the point that I have to remind myself that this is somehow a successful mobile platform.

The development environment is only marginally less useless than Notepad. The structure of an application’s source code is asinine, duplicative, and impossible to get a good sense for. The deployment-to-production process is something out of a mad scientist’s fever dream.

In short, Android may have been behind at first, but in terms of developer experience, they aren’t merely ahead, they’re operating on an entirely different plane of existence, one where developer time is important, and the tools are made to actually help you get your job done.



Which brings me to:
The Loudest Musical Instrument Ever Constructed

From this page:

Oh, and here’s a list from the operator’s manual of all the stops.


I’m beginning to think that buying whole, peeled brazil nuts at $8.98 a pound is a far better deal than buying them in the shell for $2.98.


I remember as a kid someone having Brazil nuts at the holidays. Shelling them was a pain.


I remember seeing a blue macaw at a pet store. He leaned down and picked up a Brazil nut from his dish and crushed it in his beak like it was nothing.


Staring at you the entire time, I imagine. Followed by a “that could’ve been your head(?maybe?)” squawk.


If you could just harness that energy, you’d be rich!

  1. Buy Brazil Nuts in the Shell
  2. Encourage a bunch of macaws to crush stuff in their jaws
  3. Profit!


Tie a noose around the neck like they do those fishing commorans or something? I assume profit??? Involved not having to Shell the nuts oneself.


At this specific point in time, I firmly believe that the most purely perfect pop song is “Just What I Needed” by The Cars.


I would choose “Pulling Mussels from the Shell”


This may be the most Australian story I have ever seen.


Dude, that’s not even the best Squeeze song!


There’s lots to choose from. I think it really bubbled to the top for me when Difford and Tillbrook performed it as part of a radio interview they did with CFNY singing with just a single acoustic guitar for accompaniment. It was brilliant, and this was before the whole “unplugged” thing was a thing,


I’d go with “Black Coffee in Bed.”



I had never heard of The Squeeze until MTV came out and played the hell out of their music videos.


In the United States and Canada, the band and album were dubbed UK Squeeze owing to legal conflicts arising from a contemporary American band called “Tight Squeeze”. The “U.K.” was dropped for all subsequent releases. In Australia, the same name change was used due to legal conflicts arising from an existing Sydney-based band also called “Squeeze”. Albums in Australia were credited to UK Squeeze up to and including 1985’s Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti .

There was also a band named UK, in the UK, from ~1977-1980, so more confusion. They had an amazing lineup.