Random thought thread!


I wonder if the guys in The Charlatans U.K. were really mad at those guys, and they were all, “Hey, let’s just call our band U.K.! What do you mean there’s already a band with that name? … well, I’ll show them.”


That has got to be the trippiest violin solo I’ve ever seen.


I saw them when they opened for Jethro Tull in Shea Stadium. The place was a madhouse. There were a couple of cops next to the row I was in. I asked them if they could just make people sit down. So they did. Then we shared a few bowls of hash. Yes, with the cops. It was a different time.


Allow me to introduce you to Dixie Dregs then


Ah, hash. I only used it a few times because it’s hard to get in the US.


The lead guitarist of the Dixie Dregs joined Kansas for an album when Kerry Livgren left for awhile.


I saw Squeeze open for Elvis Costello. It was great.


One of our little group was called Murray the Dealer. So we knew a guy. ;)


Was he a disembodied skull that mostly just insulted people?


Only when we indulged in certain chemicals.


If I die and my dogs have to eat me to survive. I have no problem with that. I love my doggos. Have at me you guys. Happy to serve you. Start with the face, it’s very tender.


What if the situation were the reverse? Does A1 Steak Sauce go well with dog? BBQ? You’re not one of those people who put ketchup on everything are you?


Mondongo is best with some lime so to be extra tasty I’d say ingest a whole bunch right before.


I am willing to accept that dog might not taste horrible. Puppies if not full-grown dogs.


I’m willing to accept I will never find out.


I was really referring to the human ingesting it to be more appetizing to the dog.


I should have Googled.


It is actually a delicious dish of (tripe?) in a tomato-soup base with other stuff, yuca, potatoes, all sorts of good stuff. Very tasty, very good. The lime cuts the grease and makes it tastier. I don’t know if it’s tripe or stomach or whatever, cows have 7 stomachs or something. I think in mondongo you can use 3 types.


They had to be called The Charlatans UK in the US because of these guys:


The United States is about four and a half presidents old: Trump was born before Hoover died, Hoover was born before Andrew Johnson died, and Johnson overlaps most of the founding generation except for Washington himself (hence the extra half-president).