Random thought thread!


Oh it’s Christmas. Time to watch Love Actually.


This may be the single worst song ever written. I hate it with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

Yes, I did work retail years ago, why do you ask… OH COME ON. How many versions of Rudolph do we really need?


Here is a song I heard for the first time last Christmas:

It is okay and kind of interesting. Eventually it will piss me off like all Christmas music does, though.

PS. The guy in the top right corner of the cover has an epic unibrow.


This is kinda cool too.


I heard many times that George Michael had a ubiquitous Xmas song, but I never knowingly heard it until I was over 40 and my gf pointed it out. I think I just heard it as background music before then, and I probably wouldn’t recognize it even now. Same with that Slade song that’s so big in England. It’s in one ear and out the other.


I explained my son very early on that yelling strings of bad, bad words is how daddy cries.


I can’t post in the russian P&R thread… but everything else is ok. Not even a “12345” post.


You Russian bot you!


cyka blyat!


Plokhoy bot!


Whelp I did my annual toy donation. This time I gave to the Grange Co-op drive instead of the salvation army. Pokemon cards, coloring books, a purse, some hot wheels but the big one I hope some kid likes is this:

I got him months ago at a fairly steep discount and let him hang out in my garage for months. My 4 year old nephew would have liked this but he has no shortage of toys and has a big kitchen set his grandpa gave him too.


As everyone knows the perfect breakfast sandwich is:

2 eggs
Extra cheese

On a toasted, buttered Kaiser roll.

The problem is getting a real Kaiser roll around here. Add it to the list of things NYC does best.


It’s definitely got to be up there with traffic and funny accents.


2 Eggs? Why two?


Because three was too many. :)



This sounds like a breakfast sandwich i need to try. I had to look up Kaiser roll. I’m sure we have these, but they’re not common.

edit: Hey, Discourse refused to let me quote your entire post! Refused and told me so too!



Anyway, I’m sure @stusser will back me up on this. The BEC is big in the city.


Yeah, my wife makes those sometimes. She’s from New Jersey, they talk pretty funny there too but the traffic isn’t quite as bad.


But the drivers are much worse.


My experience with New Jersey is toll systems suck, no one stops for accidents, and all of them should have their horns removed. There is just no point when they honk all the time.


You ain’t wrong.