Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More


Yeah, but what if he’s a rapist or something, and I’d be responsible for setting him free again?


Some freaky shit happens in the swamps at night. I haven’t triggered any side quest that involves any of said freak shit but freaky shit does happen on the regular.


I prefer to imagine him as a poor widower who got caught stealing bread to feed his kids. :-)


Arthur and Mary aren’t going to have a happily ever after ending , are they?

Chapter 4 is getting so good.


Or, those guys can be returned to the local jail for a bounty.


Jeez dude, I’m still in chapter four myself but there’s been some seriously disturbing crap happen in this one. But no, I don’t imagine there’s a happy ending for too many of these folks.


Ha, I didn’t even think of that!


I released him, only to encounter him again later on, once again in cuffs. Great thing about this game is: it remembers you have met before, and acknowledges that by having Arthur comment on the guy getting caught yet again. Which leads to some wonderful dialogues. Same with the snakebite guy, and possibly others…


I also ran into the same shackled guy again. But the second snakebite guy was a different one.


This game frustrates me sometimes. So I ran into him too, shot the chains, and went to talk to him but instead raised my gun and he ran off. Having the point/ raise gun and talk to people on the same trigger is stupid.


I took an escaped prisoner back to the sheriff’s office in Rhodes and… nothing happened. No reward, not even an acknowledgement from the sheriff. Immersion broken.


Horse autopilot is dangerous up north!

Somehow last night my horse hits a rock and ejects me a good 10 feet, then where I land I somehow aggro a nearby bear and get killed!


OMG, so I made my way up there last night. Gorgeous area, beautiful Elk! The Waterfall makes me jealous! So that took some of the sting out of the fact I only found one berry plant and it wouldn’t let me eat it. I had to pick it to “examine” it and that was it. I needed a second plant so I could have the option to eat it, but to no avail.

How long til these things regrow?


Oh hey, if you guys find a moose let me know where you see it, ok? I’m at least halfway through chapter 4 and I’ve yet to see a moose with antlers in the world. And the antlers part is important because that’s the only camp upgrade I’m missing.


I saw one near Owanjila Dam.


And you’re sure it wasn’t just an elk? Because they look a lot alike! I’m desperate, man.


Also, I made the acquaintance of Algernon Wasp last night and holy crap, he wants me to go collect more stuff for him! I think this may be the most collectingest video game that ever was.


Damn I wish I’d seen this a few days ago. I saw a Moose and I was like, “HEY A MOOSE!”, but I have no idea where the heck I was. I didn’t know they were rare so I didn’t pay attention.


Damn, now you have me doubting. I thought the text said moose, but this was a week ago. Don’t want to make you hike over there to check, and find out I’m wrong.


It’s not a huge deal, I’ll probably be back over that way doing some other crazy thing. But I’ve been checking all the places I would expect to find a moose and just no luck. I have one moose icon on my map, and it’s a little west of Valentine, but I’ve been all over that area and while I’ve seen a couple of moose, none have antlers. Maybe they’re female or something, and I just have the worst luck.