Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More


I’ve seen and hunted moose way up north, past Annesburg, almost to the border. Just be mindful of the Murfree brood. Those guys freak me out, moreso than the Nite Folk.


Yeah, been up there and even killed the legendary moose! Just can’t find a regular one.

Speaking of the Murfree gang, they’ve hassled me a bunch but they rarely actually attack. One time they came to me while I was camped and threatened me! I was just cooking something and they walked up and accosted me, told me not to come back. Another time they stopped me on the road, threatened me and said they would have “fun” with me and my horse if they saw me again. But both times they let me go.


Speaking of gangs, I was looking at the compendium and noticed I’d not only discovered but killed 5 members of a gang I don’t recall coming across. I don’t remember the gang name but believe it was Spanish sounding. I’m guessing this is part of the story and occurred prior to the events at Blackwater?


It will be Flaco Hernandez (one of the gunslinger missions). He and his guys are part of the Del Lobos(?) gang.


Aha! I forgot about those guys!


That’s interesting, I killed Flaco but none of his gang (they got scared of me and left after I shot Flaco) but I don’t see that gang on my list.


You can find Del Lobo in Fort Mercer, although they also roam like other gangs.


They actually have 2 or 3 camps, depending on what version of the game you bought.

Regular: Fort Mercer, Thieves Landing.

Ultimate: Twin Rocks.


Every time I go up near the lake where I found the White Arabian I see large mooses - meece- lol with large antlers, fwiw.


Ok, pardon me if I sound like a broken record, but you’re sure they were moose and not elk? Because they’re both really big with antlers and I’ve been all over that area.


I don’t think I’ve seen any moose in the snowy, frozen areas. Just near lakes and rivers up north.


Blame Canada.


I have seen moose up there near where the white bison is a couple of times. Shot one and dragged its antlers back to camp to be hung up on a tree. Yeah there are moose up there.


All right, that will be my next stop, thanks!


The profile of moose and elk is pretty different, though, right? Moose’s antlers are flatter, I think.


If you put them side by side I’m sure it would be pretty trivial to tell them apart. But when you’re wandering the wildernesss and you see a massive, hairy quadruped with big antlers, they all kind of look alike. And yeah, I know -



Yeah it was a huge Moose.

Now - why do ALL of my hats have what looks like a bullet hole in the front brim???


Wouldn’t be like Arthur is in a lot of gunfights or anything, no sir!


Yeah but it’s in all my hats, including my fancy go to town hat! (a save and reload fixed it, BTW)


Just got to Chapter 5. Lawd, y’all.

Man, the water looks so great in this game.