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Yeah, this is definitely the biggest problem for folks learning the game. It’s a bad way of conveying info to the player.

One thing that is not made clear, is how the inventory works… Every item in the game basically has its own slot in your inventory. As you get improved satchels and stuff, the number of each item you can carry increases… but even when you start out, you can basically carry SOME of everything. When you get a message that you can’t carry any more, it generally means that you already have 5 of that exact thing… so not picking it up isn’t really an issue.

Now that I’m writing this though, I’m not sure exactly what the saddle bag upgrade even does… I got it, but I also got all the satchel upgrades, so by the end of the game I could basically hold infinite everything.

Overall, the best way to play the game is to not really worry about “winning” the game. Just enjoy the world. There’s SO much stuff to find out there.


Saddlebags determine how many changes of clothing you have on your horse.


Ahhh… yeah, ok. That makes sense. The upgraded ones let you have 5 rather than 3.


Anyone else find up north the Frozen couple with the map?


Can anyone give me a good bunny hunting spot. Also need to find some new variety of berries to eat to finish a challenge, but I can’t find anything other than raspberries.


Yeah, that’s where you get the panoramic map we were discussing upthread.


I actually saw this happen, but only caught the very tail end of it when I turned around. I was wondering if I really saw it.


I had great success hunting rabbits at Dewberry Creek, sort of a dry riverbed south of Emerald Ranch. But, really, they seem to be everywhere.


Seriously, rabbits seem to be ubiquitous and basically suicidal, in that they constantly seem to want to hurl themselves under the hooves of my horse.

And holy crap - the 9th herbalism challenge is to pluck one of every available herb in the game? Well that is certainly what I would call a challenge.


How the heck do you point your weapon at a store owner without shooting them?
Every time I pull R2 to pull weapon on shop owner to do holdup (special side job side question thingie) I end u shooting them.


you can already have your gun out and then you don’t have to hit r2 just L2. Edible berries are exactly 4 blackberry near the house outside Valentine that is being built. Huckleberry in the area between the 2 plantations. Winterberry is the hardest by far, it’s in north Hanover.

@divedivedive the worse part of that challenge is that it doesn’t keep track of what you have left to pick. You should use a checklist to help keep track or you’ll end 42/43 with no idea what you are missing.


Thanks for berries tip.

Robbing technique doesn’t work though. He puts his gun away as I enter the shop. The kid is dead cause I took too long to figure this out :(
Stupid game




On PS4, I just tap R1 to unholster a weapon and hold L2 to aim. But sometimes I’ll tap R2 and then immediately hold down L2, which accomplishes the same thing… unless you hold R2 instead of tapping, which unholsters and fires the weapon.


Sometimes I come across what appear to be bounty hunters who have captured someone and are bringing those captured people in somewhere. They’re the randomized and are white dots you can interact with. Is it safe to intercede? Or will I end up with huge bounties on me?


I usually take them out and release the prisoner. You’re fine unless someone rides by and sees the bodies on the ground before you get out of the area.


Does it count against your good vs. evil bar standing one way or the other?


I encountered an escaped prisoner the other day. Wanted me to shoot the chains off his feet. And he refused to explain in any way.

So I hogtied him and rode away.


You know that those guys can give you info, right?


Yeah, I assume that everyone has something important to tell me - I met a woman way up in the mountains who was lost and wanted to share my fire. When I let her, she told me people in her town were being possessed by demons. I’m curious if that means anything or leads anywhere? She did seem kinda crazy though.

And I overheard Karen telling Mary Beth about a blood drinking ritual in Saint Denis. That may be nothing, or …