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Hmmm. So I was hunting for a perfect beaver pelt and across the river were a couple of those backwoods cannibals. Don’t remember the clan name. So I shot them.

Went back on my side of the river and made camp for the night. Suddenly a couple of these hillbillies held me up while I’m camping and tell me I’d bettter camp somewhere else. They jump on their horses and I promptly shoot them both off their horses, ain’t nobody gonna tell me where I can camp.

Next thing I know there’s a FLOOD of these guys crossing the river and coming after me. I think I’ve got them all and then there’s more. Oddly enough every time I kill one I get a red negative honor hit and when I loot them I get an honor hit - even though they’re all attacking me.


I had that issue, too. Saving manually and then loading the save fixed it.


OK, need some advice here. Go to ask around at the Grays’ place and suddenly they get all pissed off at me and start shooting and kill me and now I’m out nearly 50 bucks?! WTF did I do wrong? I was looking for the dude the front porch guy told me to look for. I guess I tried to enter a small building, was that it?


Yeah the guy you’re looking for is not in a building.


Beau Gray may have been standing behind that building, and it looked like he was inside. Happens to me all the time.


Lol, a similar thing happened to me… I think that what happened was that one of the folks from the village got shot, which then triggered the town itself to start attacking, in addition to the murphree clan.


Roger Clark (Arthur) won Best Performance at the Game Awards.


So I just finished getting to herbalist 10 as Arthur and it was quite the journey. PSA: don’t pick orchids willy nilly when you see them. Rockstar implemented this annoying thing to keep people from having all the required items for the exotics collectible quests by making any orchid only spawn until you have all but one of the number needed for his quest/mission. I accidentally had already harvested 4 ghost orchids because they grow near Shady Belle so when I needed another one for the herbalist challenge I couldn’t find one anywhere. I had to switch gears and do the first two missions for Wasp to get to the one that required ghost orchids so I could pick one and complete challenge 9. It took me quite some time to accumulate 20 Heron feathers, 15 egret feathers, 15 lady of the night orchids, 10 moccasin orchids, and 7 lady slipper orchids.

So unless you want to go through all of that don’t harvest orchids until you are on herbalist challenge 9.


Whoa … what is that an Irish accent? That’s wild.


Was that Christoph Waltz presenting? Who was the young woman?


Born in New Jersey, raised in Ireland.

Yes. And Rosa Salazar, voice of Copperhead in Arkham: Origins.


Are we supposed to be able to somehow save a cold weather outfit to our horse? If so how do we do that?


Do it at your wardrobe. You can select an outfit and there’s a button to “Save this to your horse”. If you want to save a custom outfit, you have to wear it first, then save it to a custom outfit slot, then save it to your horse.


Wow can’t believe I didn’t notice those buttons on the lower right.


Ohhh another question. Is there an reason to not carve an x in all your ammo (besides time)? I wondered if it made it less accurate or not fly as far. Also, the better ammo you can buy. Express etc. any downsides to them? For those with more damage or stopping power, will they hurt your ability to get a clean kill?



I use the split bullets all the time. The time component of making them is the only downside I can see.


Yeah, it’s just tedious. But basically you’re making homemade hollow points, they do a bit more damage, so if you don’t mind carving up 400 bullets, why not?


Express bullets are cheap and best.


I appreciate the advice, by chance that I initially thought was kind of cruel, I’m working on the herbalist challenge 9 and Wasp’s collect-a-thon simultaneously. Maybe that will work to my advantage, assuming I survive it.


I havent used regular ammo for any of my pistols or revolvers or rifles etc in as far back as I can remember. I’ve used nothing but express ammo.