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Did everyone else’s horse die on the last Penelope Braithwaite mission? The one where youhave to drive the train? There’s got to be a way to prevent that.


My horse I’ve had since chapter 2 is still with me in chapter 6. :)


I switched during Chapter 4 from the Ardennes Warhorse (a bonus from the PS4 Pro + RDR2 bundle-- very stable in temperament but a bit on the pokey side) to a Gold Turkoman thanks to the horse glitch I described upthread.

I managed to prevent my horse’s death the second time by commanding it to stay when meeting up with Beau at the train station.


BTW, after the Chapter 6 mission where you get the Carcano rifle, did anyone else find that their Springfield was suddenly gone? I had mine modded and everything. Kinda sucked.


There’s a series on demand on AHC channel called Gunslingers. I didn’t expect much from this channel but the couple I’ve seen so far appear to try to work from historical sources in their recreations, including comments from experts in the subject being covered. It made me want to stop watching and start playing RDR2! If you’re playing RDR2 you might find these interesting.


While I didn’t have the patience for the grin and bear it trophy and the two for skinning and studying every animal I did just get the It’s Art hidden trophy. Required finding and resetting the squirrel statue 6 times.


Quick question, are the Deluxe or Ultimate editions significant in this game? Those are both slightly discounted on the PlayStation store until tomorrow, though the regular game is still full price.


Here’s a good breakdown.

I didn’t think the extra content sounded like it was worth the extra money.


As someone who bought the special edition (though I forget which), it’s probably not worth the money. I know there was some additional gear and one additional mission, but those are both going to be a drop in the bucket compared to the content in the main game. I’m just kind of a sucker for special editions.


Anyone else unable to sell the Legendary Bison Horn to the Fence at Emerald Ranch (and thus unable to get the associated trinket)?


I think you are supposed to sell it to the Trapper, to make the trinket available at the Fence?


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Well, I sold the pelt to the trapper, of course, but he wouldn’t buy the horn either. But back at the fence it turned out that for the associated trinket for the Legendary White Bison requires a couple more parts, neither of which I have yet. Just having the horn in the inventory seems to count.


Ah, ok.

I still think it’s quite annoying that there is no way to know what parts (trinkets and pelts alike) you still need, except when you are actually trading (or keeping a spreadsheet on the side). That, and the fact that I keep having to change my hunting knife for my antler knife because the game just will not remember I prefer the latter, are my major problems with an otherwise great game!


OK, I finally made it to the first epilogue, and I have a couple of questions:

I thought that all I lost of Arthur’s were his horses and his cash, but it looks like I don’t have any of his sweet outfits or guns either? This really bites. Any tips? I made a point to keep a number of valuables in the satchel in order to provide John with some startout funds, and those are still there.


Let me just say, go a little further. You won’t get everything back, but just about.


OK, I played till the point where Abigail leaves with Jack, and he seems to have found all the guns, but alas, still none of the old outfits-- do they ever come back? BTW does anyone know what happens if Arthur goes back to the cave for the money at the end instead of sticking with John?


I was curious about that as well.


I went back, the area is reclaimed by Murfrees gang. Didn’t find the money. But uh, there’s a reason for that, and I’ll say no more.


Since it was suggested below. I don’t think it’s a spoiler, but just in case others do:

Whether you go back for the money or not makes no material difference to the epilogue with John. It only makes a little difference with the end of Arthur’s story. I’ll leave it at that.


I would have spoiler tagged or said along the lines of the choice affecting the end of Chapter 6 while not affecting the Epilogue.