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My bad, I guess! I just made an assumption based on my recollection of the menu. (At work.)


Ok, but is that it? You just keep the core full so you don’t go wobbly?


That’s really just a theory of mine, but it’s all I have for the core’s use. I could look it up in the strategy guide, now that I think of it, once I get home?

E: It also may influence how quickly it regenerates with kills, like how higher cores make stamina and health regen faster.


The outer ring regenerates if the center is filled in. It regenerates everytime you kill something and if the center is red it’s more than a little wobbly. I can always tell when the center is depleted since it gets much harder to do head shots.


Ok so deadeye ring does regenerate from the core but only if I actually kill something first? I haven’t watched that happen but it would make sense.


Finished up story mode today. Still have just a few things to do in the game, but after all that, my thoughts are this. RDR2 has the better story and game world. But RDR was the better game. Too many of the challenges and trinkets and what not are way too big a PITA to achieve and not worth the effort. I didn’t think the challenges for the first game were ever mind-numbingly boring. I mean, it never made sense why you had to kill cougars with a knife, but it wasn’t boring. Trying to play dominos for hours to get three wins in a row, or blackjack trying to give 3 (?) five-card hands - it’s just tedious filler that, IMO, actively encourages you to non 100% the game. 100%-ing a game should be an effort, for sure, but it shouldn’t feel like a soul-sucking chore. Not one of the challenge lists are free of that sort of task. I also think the game goes a little far with some of the ‘immersion’. Take baths, for example. Sure, you can pay a little extra for a ‘deluxe’ bath - which isn’t what you’d think it’d be, for starters - but all it does is make it so you don’t have to repeatedly tap a button to scrub the parts of your body - you still have to manually select all five parts. If the extra 50 cents was 'just finish the bath for me w/ no more button mashing", OK. But no. This is why, although the story and world are great, and I will certainly play it again at some point, I think RDR was the better game.

Edit: And I really want to discuss the story in more detail, so unless someone else does it, I’ll probably start up a spoiler thread. Kind of surprised there isn’t one already.


It’s funny, the deluxe bath kind of is what you think it is, though it mostly isn’t. I took several baths trying to figure out if I got the right combination of smal talk and scrubbing, maybe I could get the girl to hop in the bath with me, but alas. I got very clean though.

I was mostly fine with the challenges, in fact a bunch are pretty fun and maneuver you through all the various activities the game offers, but yeah gambling is just awful. It’s fun to dabble in but jeez, three wins in a row? Bust out three other players in three different towns? Really tedious and too reliant on chance.


Deadeye also depletes much faster if the core is empty


When do the stables open? Been standing in front of them for like an hour. As best I can tell it’s between 8:00-9:00 am in the game based on position of the sun.


I’ve never found the stables to ever be closed. I’ve pulled in at 3 am. Only time I’ve seen them closed is during a mission


Have you tried to enter the stable?


Anyone have trouble equipping worm bait? I used up my worms during one fishing trip, bought some more and now they aren’t present in the equip bait menu. I can see them in my inventory, though. Maybe this is just a bug in RDO? Edit: Yup, RDO bug, apparently. Starting a new session fixes it.


I’m loving the game, actually in no rush to leave chapter 3, and I’m ignoring the challenges. It just doesn’t fit my role play approach and I don’t see any reason to try to complete them.


Just play the game and do what you want. This game is great for just wandering.


Sometimes I’ll pull up to a stable and the doors will be wide open and other times they’ll be closed. I just push my way in anyway. My horse ain’t waiting to get her hair did.


When you’re in the main camp, where do you craft stuff like improved arrows at?


I think while at the main camp, you can do so at a campfire, or maybe just go into a squat and craft without a campfire. Can’t remember for sure, but worth a try. Otherwise, go to the perimeter and just set up a personal camp.


There are too many goddamn deer and turkeys in this game.

Also I forgot I had a map to all the legendary animals.

Also is wish you could shoot the legendary fish.

Also rattlesnakes are really damn fast even when you are in deadeye.

Also I think there is a kidnapped child I’m supposed to be rescuing or something. Oh there are extra valuable flowers to find!


Is there a way to buy more stalls? I don’t see the option at the moment so it makes me wonder if upgrading the horse tether at camp might let me keep more horses?


Hey, do I ever learn the purpose or function of the Panoramic Map?