Republic of Rome forum game II


I’m fine with that.

(I must say if I had had a better idea of how many and what kind of wars were in the deck, I wouldn’t have been so gung ho about pursuing the Punic war. Even so, if we hadn’t hit the 4.7% chance Gaul disaster, we’d be in OK shape).


Well if we can pull this turn off without any losses we might be alright. Might. Maybe.


Last game everyone was set on letting the deck produce its surprises, so I didn’t really think about offering a deck tracker this game. Easy to do if people want one.

I personally favour going after Carthage as hard as possible until something comes out to make it difficult. Not doing so is effectively consigning Rome to be a second-rate power. From a non-roleplaying perspective, it’s entirely possible that ignoring Carthage but dealing with all the other wars is the safest way to play the game to ensure that someone wins.


Seems like consensus.

I nominate Junius and Valerius as Consuls

The Optimates vote Yes

@antlers @Knightsaber @CF_Kane please vote in any order.


Populares vote yes (12 votes).


Assidui cast 12 votes yes


Shepherds vote yes with 11. @rho21


@Knightsaber, @antlers: agreement on Rome consul?


@Knightsaber – I’m fine with Junius as Rome consul; Valerius as field consul (although he’s not going anywhere)




OK, next order of business is to agree together to appoint a dictator or move on to nominating a censor.


Julius as Rome Dictator?



This is not a vote, it’s an appointment by the two consuls. Though if they can’t agree a vote can be called.


Oh well, hey @antlers how about that.


@Knightsaber – If you and I agree on Julius as Dictator, we don’t need to vote (and we do agree).

Julius is Dictator

@CF_Kane – picks a Master of Horse, nominates a censor


We’re basically going down the list unless someone is nuts…I hope.


Yes. It’s important to play things out though, as people have power at various moments and may have plans of their own. It’d be political suicide in the current climate, naturally. :)


Julius picks Fabius as Master of Horse.

Julius nominates Plautius as Censor

@scottagibson, I hope the Optimates will return the Censor favor and support the nomination of Sulpicius at the next turn in the rotation.

Populares cast 12 votes in favor of Plautius

Voting will be open order. @Knightsaber, @antlers, @scottagibson, vote as you see fit.


11 votes in favor.


Assidui cast 12 votes for Platius for censor