Republic of Rome forum game


@rho21 Flaminius spends 5 talents to attract a Knight


I would say go with Dictator.


Aemilius Paullus as field Consul, he goes to Macedonia with 16 legions.

Qunctius Aemilius as Dictator to Illyria with 5 legions and MH.

My own Furius as Rome Consul (I’m not elegible for Censor).

We need a Censor and MH.



Virtus Romana draws a faction card. @Navaronegun: your initiative.


I would be ok with this if Aelius becomes Censor. Master of horse should be decided by looking at lower total influence.


We can send Flaminius as MH, if we want. That would be two offices for me, though. If that’s a problem, I’d rather have the one with more influence and Censor eligibility.


I don’t think that’s a problem since:

1- you are really behind. Even with a consulship, you’d be the last with the proposal you made.
2- Master of Horse is really thankless and meager in influence rewards.

I would agree with that.

But at this point we need others to weight in.


Influence on Sulpicious with faction leader Quinctius. No talents.


Isn’t that an impossible roll? Doesn’t the personal treasure get added to the loyalty, or am I misremembering?


Yep, Oratory + Influence - Loyalty - Personal Treasury (+ Bribes - Counterbribes) = 4 + 6 - 8 - 7 = -5.


I just realized he had talents of the personal treasury.

Why is that, btw?


Yeah, me too. Does a Senator in the Forum earn income each turn?


Yeah, I didn’t realize about the income in the Curia, @rho21


Not income, I think, but the residue of previous persuasion attempts.


No income, it got there from a previous persuasion attempt.


Is Plautius in the Forum? He should have arrived there when Rome was set in order, Right?

Edit- The answer to that question is no Scott just lost him. I was confused as to who the heck he was.

We will roll for a knight with no modifier


Curia -> Forum happens on a roll of 5 or 6 at some point. Didn’t bother rolling last turn due to evil omens.

Roll for knight is a 1.


@Juan_Raigada: you will get a faction card too. On phone so can’t do that now but feel free to act on your initiative.


Ok, high level picture for my understanding.

The Early Republic has 35 cards in deck, correct? This should take, on average, 7 rounds. In those cards there is the Gallic war, the two Punic wars, two Illyrian wars, two Macedonian wars, and the Syrian war.

There are also leaders for Carthage, Macedonia, Syria.

We have already seen, and defeated, Gaul and Syria. We have one Illyrian, Punic, and Macedonian war visible. We have seen the Syrian leader come up.

We have seen 14 of 35 cards, and there are 5 wars/ leaders left unrevealed. They are really bad for us though.

Is there a flaw in my analysis of the situation?


Spot on


Ok, then the odds are about 89% we draw one of those cards by the end of next round if we have no event rolls, and about 85% if we have one event roll.