Republic of Rome forum game


It’s Junius.

It does, that is why they are the only ones eligible for Censor turn 1.

3.01.6 TEMPORARY ROME CONSUL: Draw a Mortality Chit from the cup. If the ID# drawn does not match an existing Senator put it to the side and draw again until a matching ID# is drawn. The matching ID# is Temporary Rome Consul until new Consuls can be elected during the first Senate Phase. Place the Rome Consul and Prior Consul markers on his card and add 5 to his Influence. Place all the Mortality Chits back into the cup.


Yep, just read that in the rules. Love that they wait until so long in (after casually referencing first turn eligibility) to say, “oh by the way he gets a Prior Consul marker”.


Score one for the AH old school “outline” style of rules. Boo to the new school Euro style.

@rho21 does have PC in his column.

Anyhoo, Votes




nod of approval


No veto possible and we have an overwhelming majority, @rho21. Can we consider it passed and move on?


Eastern Grain Company votes no, and notes that despite its spirit of collaboration it’s being slighted and passed for factions with greater influence.

Anything that happens because of this slight will be the fault of the factions involved.


That sounds like everyone; @Panzeh, you have the floor for prosecutions.


In such a time of crisis, there is no need for pinching denarii-

I would encourage, in the future, though, that concentrations of profitable enterprises be divided equitably.

No prosecutions.


Control of the session returns to the dictator. @Navaronegun


These threats are tiresome. It insults the Senate that you think your whims must be acceded to at every turn.

I nominate Aelius for Governor of Gallia Cisalpina

Votes: @Panzeh, @CraigM, @Kolbex, @scottagibson, @Juan_Raigada


I believe Aelius would be an excellent governor for the new province.

Vote yes.


Um, why no discussion of such a move? Why should I vote for it?


He wants state largesse. Fine.


Virtus Romana votes yes.


This is an attack on The Eastern Grain Company, trying to take our Senators away from Rome!

We vote NO

I smell secret deals between the Panzehrians and Virtus Romana.

Do not let this happen, fellow, senators! Vote NO!


The New Men vote Yes


I see, this is a conspiracy…

The Estarn Grain Company will remember this.


No conspiracy.

I will also vote yes


All right, the Eastern Grain Company will not contribute to the state until its honor is restored.


No from the Kolbexarii, in solidarity with with the EGC, although we have little reason to believe in a conspiracy at this time.