Republic of Rome forum game


Its Passes.

Again with the threats. Take a coat. It gets cold up there, Aelius. Oh, and thank you for your service.

Unrest is too high with the Punic Wars raging.

Propose a Land Bill I. Co-sponsors Aurelius and Calpurnicus.

Votes: @Panzeh, @Juan_Raigada (without Aelius), @scottagibson, @CraigM, @Kolbex.


Governorship motion passes by 33-22.

New base vote totals:
Panzeh: 9
CraigM: 10
Kolbex: 12 (+3 for battle proposals)
scottagibson: 8
Navaronegun: 6
Juan_Raigada: 5


Vote yes.


Kolbexarii vote yes. Surely we can spare 20T to tamp down on the unrest of the people. It wouldn’t do for recruitment to grind to a halt when there are so many threats to the Republic at large.


I assume you have the consent of those senators to make this proposal. Also, you need to specify one as sponsor, one as co-sponsor.


Calpurnicus do you consent (@scottagibson)?

Aurelius do you consent (@CraigM)? First to consent can be the sponsor.

EDIT: Heck, Acilius (@Panzeh) do you want to sponsor?
How about you, Valerius (@Kolbex)?

This is minor, and I get nothing out of it. I’m eager to get on with the real business at hand.


Acilius would be happy to sponsor.


Excellent. A Co-Sponsor? First up can have it.


Scipio would co-sponsor, although I don’t know how I feel about this sort of first-come, first-served stuff. Some senators may not have as easy and quick access to the forum as others throughout the day…


So that is no to Valerius then? Ok.
I await the others.


Eastern Grain Company votes yes

No matter who the sponsors are.


@Navaronegun I consent.

The New Men vote yes


Sponsor is Acilius, Co-Sponsor is Calpuricus

Virtus Romana votes yes.


Yes to the Land Bill


I’ll also vote yes (yeah, sales director took my team out for dinner. So I’ve been offline)


Yes to the land bill.


That’s everyone in favour, the land bill passes.

What’s the next order of business, @Navaronegun?


@Navaronegun, friend Dictator, don’t we have a concession to award? Maybe return it to the familia Flaminius whence it came?


I propose whatever concession is available be returned to the Flaminius family.

Votes. @Juan_Raigada, @Panzeh, @scottagibson, @Kolbex, @CraigM


Eastern Grain Company votes yes