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vote yes


The New Men vote yes


Gosh, the loss of that concession feels like ancient history at this point.

Yes to its restoration.


Do we have another concession to awad as well, @rho21?


Sure seems like it from the Game State thread. Looking back it seems to be the result of Carthaginian (delenda est) pillage.


Yes, you had two tax farmers ready to be assigned. I believe one came from Carthage pillage, the other from a senator dying.


Who owned it?


It was pillaged from our dictator at the time, now field consul, L Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus of Rex Antiquis.


Ok, just waiting on one more vote from @CraigM.

Virtus Romana votes yea for the current proposal


In the interest of time and efficiency we propose after the current measure passes that the the outstanding concession be returned to L Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus of Rex Antiquis. Votes: @Juan_Raigada, @Panzeh, @scottagibson, @Kolbex, @CraigM.

Virtus Romana votes yea for this proposal as well


New Men vote Yes


Vote yes.






To both proposals, @CraigM?


To both.


Ok, we just need @Juan_Raigada’s vote on the second proposal for and we can move on to Military affairs.


We vote yes


Ok, on to Military Affairs.

We propose that Rome raise four fleets to successfully prosecute the Illyrian War.


@Juan_Raigada, @Kolbex, @Panzeh, @CraigM, @scottagibson


We vote yes