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Virtus Romana votes yea for this proposal as well




Measure passes.

Second Item:

We propose that Field Consul L Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus be dispatched with 16 Legions and 5 Fleets to fight and win the 2nd Macedonian War

@CraigM, @scottagibson, @Panzeh, @Juan_Raigada, @Kolbex

Virtus Romana votes yea for this proposal as well


I am ready. yes


New Men vote Yes to the Macedonian War proposal.


Point of order: you cannot make that deployment without 5 fleets in support.


No fleets for Illyria, then?

Edit: rats, 3 for Illyria.

Original Post Amended.


5 needed for Macedonia, 3 for Illyria. You can raise some more after this proposal, of course.

Name Series Fleet Battle Fleet Support Army Battle Disaster Standoff Spoils Special
1st Illyrian War 1 of 2 (2) 0 3 5 5 17 10 Creates drought even when inactive
2nd Macedonian War 2 of 4 (2) 0 5 10 13 14 45


Nah, we have 9 now after the fleet measure earlier. That’s enough.


I updated that number already. You had 1 at the start of the phase.


Ah, ok. I’ll raise more after Macedonius departs.


I’m still a yes to the amended proposal.


The Eastern Grain Company votes yes




It occurs to me that I haven’t managed to mark down veteran legions anywhere. Sorry about that, I was away from home last time you were fighting.

Anyway, they are loyal to Julius and Lucius Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus.

@Navaronegun: in case you want to change precise force distributions.


Nah, we’ll split them evenly between the two wars. Macedonius can have his loyal Legion.


OK, so bearing in mind the veterans count double, is that 15 regulars, 1 veteran or 14 regulars, 1 veteran you’re sending to Macedonia?