Republic of Rome forum game


We need to spread some influence to the New Men (10), the Kolbexarii (19), and the Eastern Grain Company (19).


Scipiio Africanus of the Kolbexarii as Dictator to fight Carthage
Flaminius as Master of the Horse
Calpurnicus and Fabius as Consuls
Furius as Censor

I’m assuming we want a Dictator for the 1st Punic War.


I would agree with that.


Ah, got it, thanks!


Wait, no.

We don’t have enough fleets. We need to raise a lot of fleets before attempting this with good chances. with 10 fleets (we only have 8, so that would require raising 2) we would have 16% chances of victory on the naval battle. To get 50% chances we would need 13 fleets (raise 5), and to get 74% chances we would need 15 fleets (raise 7, but this would leave the treasury in dire straits, and failing to win would be game over next turn probably). Raising 9 fleets and attacking with a combined +7 would give us 90% chances, but we would need much more money than we already have.

We have to either wait or contribute to the state.

Again, I am willing to contribute 25 talents, but we would need some sort of deal everybody contributing some (and no persuasion attempts).

But again, I doubt @Navaronegun will accept any deal, so we are screwed.


You are correct.


I would be willing to join a state contribution coalition to fund fleet-building, provided that a voting majority also joins,

And all members agree to no influence attempts,

And all members agree to the slate of candidates:
Scipiio Africanus of the Kolbexarii as Dictator to fight Carthage
Flaminius as Master of the Horse
Calpurnicus and Fabius as Consuls
Furius as Censor

And all members agree to no prosecutions except as a reprisal for influence attempts by non-coalition members,

And someone gives me 1 talent so I can get the benefit of contributing 10 rather than 9. I’d be all in, so to speak.

@Juan_Raigada has agreed

@Navaronegun @CraigM @Kolbex @Panzeh , what say you all?


I could give you that talent. I am willing to contribute 25 talents under the sort of deal you propose.


I’ve made the changes you’ve requested; you can redistribute your money again as you wish until the phase ends.


I would agree to that. I can contribute 10T.


No agreements. Lets see what the forum phase brings first.

All talents with Quinctous


I think we sort of assumed that from your previous comment.

We are looking for a voting majority, not unanimity. Contributions need to be done now if we are to pursue the war.

@rho21, what are the current vote totals? Also, please put on hold on the distribution of talents I made above. Consider me as not having answered. Until we are finished negotiating things might change.

I think we just need @Panzeh or @CraigM to agree to have a deal in place.


All commanders returned to Rome, so I believe the numbers on the game state post are correct:
Panzeh: 9
CraigM: 10
Kolbex: 9 (+3 for battle proposals)
scottagibson: 8
Navaronegun: 6
Juan_Raigada: 5


@CraigM, @Panzeh, are you guys in?


I may be in, but not until we see what the forum phase brings.


I am willing to kick in, but I think it prudent to do so after we know what horrors await us this turn.


Ah, good point. I’m not opposed to that, but to have the option to contribute you have to lodge your funds with one or more Senators, rather than the faction treasury. Isn’t that right? So you have to decide on a contribution now.

I’m Ok to delay the formal agreement until after the Forum phase, but to be part of it, you have to spread your money accordingly, and you have to refrain from influence attempts during the Forum phase.

And, @Juan_Raigada, I’d need that talent now. Can you send it to Calpurnicus, please?

@rho21, all my funds to Calpurnicus, please. Nothing in faction treasury.


Contributions need to be done now, not on the forum phase, I think. They are part of the revenue phase.

@rho21? Is that right?

If so the formal agreement needs to take place now, since the spending will take place now.

Look at it this way, guys, most likely we will want to take care of the First Punic war no matter what happens.


Yes, that’s right. Can we agree to:

  • Everyone contributes to the state
  • Everyone agrees to forego influence attempts
  • Everyone agrees to prosecute anyone who makes an influence attempt


  • Everyone agrees not to support any other prosecutions this turn

This agreement works even if @Navaronegun doesn’t join.

@Kolbex @CraigM @Panzeh ?


Well then, I won’t be rushed. The treasury is in fine shape thanks to last year’s victories. I see no reason to have the richest faction in Rome turn to the poorest and demand that they contribute funds, while he hoards state money granted to him due to state emergencies. When he is not threatening Rome, that is.

Prudence, caution, and seeing what the fates have in store for Rome seem to be the best course.


I would agree to that, as well as the previous slate you proposed.