Republic of Rome forum game


There’s a deal offer more or less covering that up there ☝️


The armament concession, nothing else.

Again, no more generosity from us. After two prosecutions and two assassination attempts, plus all the unwarranted animosity you can’t expect anything else (now the animosity is warranted, but I wasn’t really scheming anything until the first assassination, so you ostracized a player wanting to collaborate, and this is what you get).


I’d like to play my influence Peddling card on Eastern Grain Company.


Lol, there you go. It’s not a huge concession now.


Heck, I don’t even know what that card does.

Edit: I mean, these rules suck. There’s no explanation of that card. Anybody want to explain it?


You can play it at any time to take a random card from someone else’s hand.


Ah, then well done.


Any time except the revolution phase, to be more precise.


Ok, so my view is, no offices of any kind for @Juan_Raigada until he makes a deal.

I nominate Claudius and Calpurnicus as Consuls.

New Men vote Yes.

@Panzeh @CraigM @Kolbex @Juan_Raigada please vote in any order.


I vote yes.


Giving a consulship to yourself, eh?

We vote no.


I shall also point out that if @CraigM has a tribune, he pretty much has won the game, thanks to everybody focusing on me, who tried to deal, yet not minding about a 23 influence senator whatsoever.

Because, hey, let’s bully one of the guys with less influence (until I got Junius, that is).


@CraigM @Kolbex please vote.




@rho21, by my count the Ayes have it even if @CraigM votes No. Can we call it and move on?


Use of a tribune is possible here if Craig holds one, either to veto this motion or to claim the right to specify the next motion.


Yes, good point.


The reports among the citizenry and Senators of late night sightings of Titus Quinctius Flamininus haunting the halls of the Senate crying "Cave!" have ceased. Some say that his soul, put at ease by his nephew’s actions, now finally knows peace.


Poke @CraigM.


A funny thing happened on the way to the forum…