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The fact that you guys even still exist after all this infighting is evidence the RNG wasn’t that bad to you…


@Juan_Raigada, @CraigM, @Panzeh: I still need your distribution of funds.


13 to Aelius, 33 to Junius


Everything on Claudius


Everything to aemilius



The winter storms have just passed, the seas have been safe for passage for merely 3 days now and already the news from the other side of the Adriatic is poor. Delivered to his family today was the severed head of one Titus Plautius Crassus, a promising but junior member of the diplomatic team to Illyria overseeing the terms of the peace treaty signed a few years ago.

Accompanying this grisly package was the rest of the diplomatic team. Apparently Crassus had insulted the Illyrians so greatly that they killed him out of hand, though none of the diplomats could find out quite what he’d said. If they took affront at the killing of a Roman citizen by these barbarians, it was as nothing compared to their fury when their demand for reparations was met with laughter. All in the delegation felt the honour and dignity of the great Roman Republic could only be salved on the battlefield.

The senate may disagree with this assessment, but the words said cannot be unspoken and Rome finds itself at war once more with Illyria. All reports suggest the Illyrians will only be pacified this time by a complete conquest. Fortunately, their forces are not strong compared to the might of Rome.

2nd Illyrian War

The second Illyrian war has a strength of 4 and requires fleet support of 2. It starts active. A disaster will occur on a natural roll of 5; a standoff on a 17. Spoils are 10 talents plus the province of Illyricum.

@scottagibson: as HRAO, it’s your initiative first.


So that’s 3 active wars, right?


@rho21 Furius spends 5T to attract a knight


That is indeed 3 active wars. Furius gets his knight.

@Juan_Raigada: your hand has gained a new card and it’s your initiative.


Time for @Juan_Raigada to play spoiler!


Junius uses Seduction and tries to do an unopposed persuasion attempt against Calpurnicus, using 5 talents to bring the target number to 9

18 influence + 2 oratory - 9 loyalty - 7 aligned + 5 talents = 9


Do you mean Calpurnicus? And why unopposed?


Yes, Calpurnicus. Edited.

I got a card (seduction) that allows for an unopposed attempt.


Ah. Yet another card I’ve never heard of. Lol.


There’s a footnote in 1.07.413 (Counter-Bribes) about unopposed persuasion attempts. There aren’t many cards that offer them.

All the gossips in the city seem to be talking about the departing consul Calpurnicus and how his eye has been caught by the beautiful and worldly Livia who has just returned to Rome from Gallia Cisalpina with her father Aelius’ household. Will love (or at least lust) blossom here, or will she reject his advances in favour of an athletic young tribune who has been finding every excuse to deliver messages to Aelius’ town house?

But the moment they’re all discussing was played out in a chance meeting in the street, in front of hundreds of witnesses. Calpurnicus asked Livia to consider his suit and it appeared to be met with some favour. After all, Calpurnicus is the most powerful man in Rome right now and not ill-favoured. But Livia (perhaps coached by her father in advance) announced clearly that she could not possibly accept because she would never consider a man from outside the Eastern Grain Company.

The implication was clear: join us or find a different bride. Could Calpurnicus convince her to change her mind? Would he leave the New Men for love? Nothing like some romantic intrigue to make a change from all the political intrigue of recent times!

In the end neither happened, much to the disappointment of the romantics. His duties relating to the start of the war with Illyria distracted Calpurnicus long enough for the initial infatuation to wear off and on wise reflection he decided a less manipulative wife would support him rather better.


I rolled a 10.

@Juan_Raigada: do you want to do anything else with your initiative?


No, that’s it.


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Well, that’s lucky!


Or unlucky, it really depends on perspective…


You wouldn’t like Calpurnicus anyway. No one likes him.