Rick and Morty


He’s constantly jumping dimensions. First example that comes to mind right on the nose is the time they drop Jerry off at Jerry daycare. It’s discussed as being outside of regular dimensionality or somesuch.

Cross-temporal asteroid. Close enough.


Oh, I know he jumps dimensions a lot via his portal gun, but I had forgotten if they explicitly called out his spaceship as having the ability anywhere.


Right before the scene I posted he warps in there with Morty driving. No portal gun. Edit: You know what though, it looks like it might be a special region of space that simultaneously exists in all dimensions.

Edit: And I get the distinction now. Somehow I doubt they put as much thought into this. :P


The real win here:


Never had it. Was it really that good?


Dunno, try it yourself! A redditor experimented with and perfected a copycat recipe ages ago and it resurfaced when the episode came out. Binging with Babish tests it here:


Reducing plum sauce sounds like it takes a lot of time and effort.

How about… duck sauce packet + BBQ sauce + a dash of cock sauce! (Never had sauce either).


I wonder if Rick telling simulated Jerry to fold himself was intended as a protein folding reference. It’s a stretch, but it would make sense since protein folding simulations are very compute-intensive.


Just watched the Season 3 premiere. That standoff scene tho!




I could see that. My first thought was that it’s a reference to a hard limit on how many times you can fold paper – which was something the simulation tried doing, forgetting that’s not something humans can do more than once.

(Fun folding fact: http://sploid.gizmodo.com/if-you-fold-a-paper-in-half-103-times-it-will-be-as-thi-1607632639 )


Season 3 incoming July 30th

Here’s the trailer:


Thank GOD/the stars/the FSM!!


Huh, the flash of motherfuckers getting burninated at the end of the prime trailer almost makes me want to give 1/10 of 1 shit about GoT, but presumably I’d need to wade through 6 seasons’/5 books’ worth of intolerably depressing rape-porn, food-porn, and porn-porn to get there :(


The first 3 books are actually pretty amazing, but then everything kind of starts to go off the rails.


I’ve tried to read the first book half a dozen times over the years and I just can’t make it more than maybe 100 pages in. It utterly fails to interest me.


Yeah, sure, I mean, if you spend all day shuffling words around, you can make anything sound bad, Morty.


Ever since I saw this latest Rick & Morty preview this morning, I’ve had the music from it stuck in my head. So entrancing. I’m going to have to track down the artist.

Music: Thursday in the Danger Room (instrumental version)" from the album “RTJ3” by Run The Jewels.


Run The Jewels is a name I recognized from this song:

Which is really good. :)


RTJ3 is tight as fuck. As is the RJD2 album that single is from.