Rick and Morty


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You have to have watched a bit of the series to get the density of jokes in this one, and there were a lot. But like all good episodes there are layers of series sci fi in this one. It almost felt like Metropolitan come to life. What a great story. The second layer of Simple Rick wafer was just tremendous.


It’s on iTunes. $19.99 to own the season or $2.99 to buy an episode (season purchase pro-rated – if you buy an episode and later want to buy the season, they’ll subtract out the price of episodes you’ve already purchased).


If you are familiar with the Plex client and it’s workings send me a PM.


I buy them on Amazon (20 bucks for the season)


This was my favorite episode of the season, except maybe the first one. The setting reminded me of Alan Moore’s “Top 10”, and the execution was sublime.


That was my favorite episode of the show so far. Dirty Morty cop is my new favorite character.


Holy fuck every element of that was incredible, and the Simple Rick Bars twist was. . . Jesus Christ.

Hell, the original “gag” there is pretty heinously dark already, insofar as the one Rick who saw hte value and beauty in his newborn child and was going to stay with and love her forever. . . was abducted by his transdimensional counterparts and enslaved until he was brutally murdered.

Fuck man.


Yep, that gets my vote for best episode of the series so far.


“No thank you, and bad math.”

Fucking amazing.


I’m nervous about watching the latest episode. I feel like I’m just going to be disappointed after last week. How do you follow that?



This week’s episode is pretty fantastic. It goes some weird places, fleshes out the universe noticeably, deepens what we understand about the Rick/Morty dynamic significantly, and has a ton of great jokes and sight gags.

It’s good shit.


Taken for granite? What are you… a rock person?

I loved the pettiness of Rick deleting memories where he looked bad. Also made Rick feel more human.

I thought it would be hard to follow last week, but this episode is a top 5 for me. So much better than the interdimensional cable stuff, which wore out in the second go around.


The whole Summer angle from that episode is nagging at me though. The fact that she so nonchalantly got involved in that catastrophe and was obviously so prepared was fun. Her line about them being “always behind schedule” hints that there’s something going on or some agenda we haven’t seen yet. I’m going to have to re-watch that to see if I took that out of context.


More likely it’s just a meta-joke about Roiland, Harmon, and the show always being behind schedule.


And, in particular, some nothingburger rumors that this season’s production was particularly delayed by infighting between the two creators. I think this episode contained a number of similar cracks against the fandom…


But if they hadn’t done the second cable bit, we wouldn’t have this:

But I agree that this episode was wayyyyy better than interdimensional cable.


I forgot that was from the second one.


Guys I’m super sad that this weekend is the last episode this season. :(


What a great season it’s been! It’s actually very impressive for a show like this to maintain so fresh and brilliant after three seasons. The gaps between seasons must help alot.

Even archer, which is my other favourite cartoon, felt like it was treading water a little at the end of season 3.