Rick and Morty


Season premier is this Sunday! Wubba lubba dub dub!


…and it was great. No spoilers yet, but Rick was at his Rickiest and the plot was deliriously twisted.


Haha, yes, this is going to be a great season, I suspect.


Back when this thread started, I tracked down the first two episodes on Adult Swim’s website, where I was forced to watch it in a little window. I didn’t much care for it back then.

A week ago, I watched those same two episodes on Hulu on the big TV. Wow. What a difference. I love this show. I finished the 3rd episode today, the Christmas episode. So good.


Rick and Morty forever and forever 100 years!!


Wife and I just watched our first R&M. Totally loved it. Not surprising for me, but kinda surprised that the wife fell for it. Good shit.


Which one, Rich? Did you begin at the beginning?


I believe it was the first one of the second season? I know we have to watch the first season too.


You’re in for a bit of an emotional rollercoaster there toward the end.


Is the first season streamable on Netflix or something?


Hulu has it.

As does the Adult Swim site.


I bought the Blu-ray and binge-watched it. Great stuff.

You may remember that scene from UHF where Michael Richards’ character is offering a little kid a drink from the fire hose, and it blows him away. That’s what watching R&M was like, except it was a fire hose of IDEAS, man.


I’m about 3 episodes away from finishing Season 1.

The one episode I just can’t get out of my head is the one where Morty takes charge instead of Rick. And everything is a great happy-go-lucky adventure. Until he goes to the restroom. And the change in tone at that moment is so disturbing, I actually had nightmares about it, and can’t stop thinking about during the last week.

Also: RickH at 9,999 posts. Stop posting RickH, that looks perfect!


Yeah, that episode–and Rick Potion #9–are pretty heavy shit.


I think my favorite episode was Something Ricked This Way Comes. It was the first episode that I had to pause it just to laugh…at least the parts with Summer and the shop. Now I’ve watched Season 1 three times and am really enjoying season 2.


Oh man, yes.

Something Ricked…

When Rick sets up his “curse removal” complementary shop, Curse Purge Plus!, and people clean out Mr. Needful’s wares, I nearly choked myself with laughter.



Clearly the best part of the whole curse purge plus thing was when he whipped out the gas can and set it all on fire the second he realized it would actually be work to run it. :)

Also, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UFTqCznqwo


Another great one this week. I wish Patton Oswalt had had a larger cameo, but otherwise it was perfect. Crackling dialogue throughout, too. And speaking of tonal shifts, the last pre-credits scene with Rick was pretty brutal.


The music that played during the credits was great, though. I haven’t bothered Googling it yet, but I liked it.

Poor Rick.


This is really not a great show to watch when you’re already feeling down.